FocusWriter 1.6.2 Full + Patch


FocusWriter 1.6.2 (31.48 Mb) is a plain text editor, which turns the entire screen, and displays only the text you write. FocusWriter positioned as an editor that allows you to concentrate on just writing the text, and anything else you should not distract.

When you run FocusWriter, the program takes place entirely on the entire screen and you see before you is only a window for typing and nothing else. If you move the mouse cursor to the top, then unfold the menu and control panel Editor. Similarly, if you move the cursor to the bottom, the status bar displays the tabs and open the file.

The program supports a variety of themes. You can set a background image editor, font size and color. Supports spell checking, auto-save text, restoring the position of the cursor when you open the last file tab.

In FocusWriter there is another interesting feature. You can select specific options Goal daily, which can be specified either in the number of characters (or minutes) that you want to write (spend) a day. It’s like motivating function. When you write text, FocusWriter in the status bar (below) wrote a percentage of the executed goal. For example, you set a goal Goal Daily equal to 2000 characters written 1,000 characters, FocusWriter has shown that 50% of the work done. Similarly, you can set the number of minutes.

Even in FocusWriter has a timer function. The timer can be set to any time or for a specified interval. When the timer is activated, an audible tone and message pop-ups. FocusWriter allows you to save the document either as plain text (plain-text) without a format or in RTF format with support.

Main Features:

  • Spell Check. Can check Russian and many other languages.
  • Plan. You can specify in the settings that you need to write the text for the day. This program displays the percentage of completion.
  • Editing scenes. Function to navigate between text fragments.
  • Focus function. editor allows you to highlight a piece of text, in which the work is done. You can highlight the current line or a whole paragraph.
  • User-friendly interface. All the controls appear as needed. It does not strain the eyes and makes it easier to concentrate on work.
  • Configuration topic. You can choose a visual theme to taste, to edit the color, font, size frames, and even background image.

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