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Folder Marker Pro

Folder Marker Pro is a bit of a helper and eager warrior for your convenience and comfort while working at the computer. Use Folder Bookmark to mark your folders. One mouse click and it becomes clear which documents have high priority, and which are normal or low. It becomes easy to see which tasks have been fully completed, which have been partially completed, and which have not yet started.

Main Features:

  • Folder Marker Pro can change the network folder icon. Thus, you have the opportunity to personalize your local network.
  • Folder Marker Pro contains additional icons for office jobs
  • Folder Marker Pro allows you to customize the “Mark” pop-up menu, so you can customize it especially for yourself.
  • In Folder Marker Pro you have two additional options for changing folders: “Make portable folder” and “Apply icons to all subfolders”.
  • Folder Marker Pro can mark folders based on priority (high, normal, low); by the level of project completion (completed, half completed, planned); according to project status (approved, rejected, pending); and by the type of information stored on them (work, important, temporary and personal files).
  • Folder Marker Pro can change the folder color to normal, dark or light.
  • Folder Marker Pro change icon via folder popup menu. You can label folders without even launching the program itself!
  • Folder Marker Pro’s menu contains convenient subcategories.
  • Folder Marker Pro contains a “My Icons” tab where you can add an unlimited number of your favorite icons and mark folders with them. That is easy!

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