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Futuremark 3DMark 2.0.1979 Professional Edition with size 2.14 GB is going to help you to test the equipment for the game. You play on a PC, laptop or tablet? In 3DMark has all the tools for the platform you are going to test gaming performance. 3DMark will help you to test your equipment at the base of the main popular and resolutions such as 2K and 4K, and even the super extreme 5 and 8K. The composition of this benchmark including 7 pre-configured packages for different test configurations. Such as a tablet or a smartphone, a laptop with a basic laptop gaming performance, personal computer games and others

3DMark testing is available in three versions:

3DMark Basic Edition – free of charge, including:

  • three tests: Ice Storm, Cloud Gate and Fire Strike
  • the ability to test the hardware of the tablet to a PC
  • ease of use
  • a free account to publish and compare the results.

3DMark Advanced Edition- $ 25 includes:

  • the ability to run individual tests
  • Fire Strike Extreme preset opening
  • Learn the marginal productivity of a PC in the current arrangements
  • the ability to repeat the cycle to improve stability
  • autosave test results offline.

3DMark Professional Edition-value of $ 995 includes:

  • license for commercial use
  • automation command line
  • The picture quality adjustment tool
  • Visitors result of personal choice
  • Export results to XML.

It is logical that the minimum requirements to run Windows-based version of 3DMark including operating systems, starting with Windows Vista (with the installation of the update for DirectX 11 Platform update), Windows 7 and Windows 8 are also supported. 3D-test requirements for small processors by today’s standards – enough each dual-core AMD or Intel CPU with a frequency of 1.8 GHz. The minimum amount of RAM to 2GB, but it is recommended by 4 GB (with the current price of the RAM modules, this recommendation also fully justified), and disk space is required around 3 GB.

The most important thing here – hardware support for DirectX graphics capabilities. The minimum requirements for GPU included Direct3D9-compatibility, but to carry out all necessary tests graphics core with support for Direct3D11 and at least 1 GB of video memory. The minimum level of support for DirectX 9 Shader including support for Shader Model 3.0, the presence of at least 128 MB of video memory and WDDM 1.1 driver. Terms latter refused, for example, video card series Radeon X1000, which there simply is no WDDM 1.1 driver. Thus, minimal graphics are for 3DMark series AMD Radeon HD 2000 (two tests were run: Ice Storm and Cloud Gate), NVIDIA GeForce 7000 (only Ice Storm) and a series of integrated graphics core Intel GMA X4500 (only Ice Storm).

Depending on 3DMark different subtests and video memory requirements. So, Ice Storm requires 128 MB of local video memory, Cloud Gate has test requires 256 MB, Fire Strike typically uses 1 GB of video memory, and extreme «Extreme» mode – and in memory of 1.5 GB and 4 GB of RAM. And while on systems with graphics cards with less video memory tests are run, but they will show very low performance.
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