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Genetica Studio 4.0 (119 Mb) is a professional editing software, which works with 2D graphics and three-dimensional. graphics applications create seamless textures and animations, almost all resolutions and quality, as well as from the HDRI image. A large functional program, a complete package of graphics can be very useful source is suitable for all users who work with 2D and 3D graphics. Create a unique texture, using them for your animations and graphics projects.

Main Features:

  • Text – the ability to create text quickly create logos or detail textures.
  • Synthesis texture – creating seamless textures from photos.
  • Node-based workflow – Maya users can immediately understand what it means. So it is that all of the functionality of the program implemented in the form of “Nod” – or functional units, in other words, each performing its own function. In other words – modern confessed program, visual (visual) approach to image processing.
  • Drawing Tools – the necessary templates, patterns and contours can be done directly in the system redaktora.- “laboratories” – some functional nodes are grouped into what is called a “laboratory” designed to cope with the tasks required in the complex. For example, laboratory “Weather Lab” is to wear the effect of injury and age to create texture
  • advanced lighting – Genetica can use to create textures surround effects, such as global illumination, ambient occlusion, shadows, and more, allowing you to create more realistic texture ..
  • Ready -Tysyachi precetov – doors, windows, boxes, wood floors, stone and concrete way, the earth’s surface, fabric, metal and even the world – all of this can be found in the form of billets, which can change quickly on your own or use as is.
  • Normal, Specular, Bump, Reflection texture – Genetica textures can be produced in addition to more color and more texture, which will make objects more realistic.
  • Make HDRI images – Genetica allows you to generate HDRI-card that can be used both in the program and so on.
  • Batch processing – the system allows you to apply effects directly to a large number of required texture or perform in a queue so that a large number of images – all of which can seriously speed up the work.
  • Animated Texture – lots of choices node involved in the generation of textures can be animated, which allows a variety of effects.

In the new version, Genetica, the opportunity to work with the text, which in principle allows you to quickly perform various inscriptions funny, stylish or with special effects. This program provides some prezetov from which you can choose your favorite and edit it to suit your needs, and, of course, nobody forbids to create your own effects “from scratch”, but it would be a little harder. text effects such as the following can be prepared in minutes. In addition to the inscriptions can be applied to more than 300 styles.

Genetica has a very curious ability to create seamless textures from photos. This program algorithm similar elements in the photo and “glue” that smooth texture. The entire process is controlled by various parameters, so that almost any image, which in theory can be seamless, Genetica will be able to do something like that. Of course, the more the original photo suitable for this purpose – the better the result will be (obviously, photos surfaces such as concrete, sand, etc. suited to the role of texture seamless far better than a photograph, say, a car Although, in the latter case it would possible to create a seamless metal texture painted automotive paint).
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