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GeoGebra (48.23 Mb) is a mathematics program for all levels of education, including geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics and arithmetic, in one easy to use package. The possibility of working with a rich program functionality – graphs, calculate roots, extreme, integral, etc., because of the built-in command language that allows you to manage and geometric constructions.


  • Fully interactive, easy to use interface with powerful functions.
  • With GeoGebra you have unlimited access to constantly evolving storage of materials / project.
  • The program is available in many languages.
  • GeoGebra will help with homework and projects.
  • Millions of users around.

Construction of the curve:

  • Plotting the function y = f (x).
  • Construction of curves defined parametrically in Cartesian coordinates: x = f (t); y = g (t).
  • Development conic sections: Konica arbitrary shape – five points; Circumference: the center and a point on it; by the center and radius; with three points; Ellipse – two focus and point on the curve; Parabola – Focus and principals of; Hyperbole – two focus and a point on the curve.
  • Construction of a locus of points depending on the position of some other point belonging to a curve or polygon.
  • And many more …


  • Actions by the matrix: addition, multiplication; transposition, inversion, determinant calculation.
  • Calculation with complex numbers.
  • points for crossing.
  • statistical functions: Calculate the mathematical expectation, dispersion; Calculating the correlation coefficient.
  • The approach of the set of points of a given form: polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, sine.
  • Work with tables.

Some facts:

  • Graphics, algebra and tables are connected to one another and fully dynamic.
  • Easy to use interface, in addition, has a very powerful feature.
  • You can create interactive training materials, such as Web pages.
  • Available in many languages ​​to millions of users around the world.
  • GeoGebra Dynamic mathematics used in the study of mathematics, physics and other disciplines in secondary and higher education institutions around the world. For example, it can cause Austria, Poland, Germany, Britain, Canada, USA, Italy, Spain, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Australia.

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