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Google Earth Pro (26.57 Mb) is a program for visualization of objects on the surface of our planet, which allows you to view satellite images of the planet Earth in 3D-mode, using the OpenGL technology. It is possible to find items using the search function at the following address. Beginning with the seventh version it is possible to display some structure in three dimensions, but this function requires a high speed Internet connection, a minimum of 30 Mb / s. The latest version of this program becomes possible to use additional layers of information and recording functions HD video clips.


  • Google Earth will automatically pump the necessary images and other data, stores it in the computer’s memory and hard disk space to be used in the future. the downloaded data is stored on disk, and when you run the program downloads only new data that allows to save traffic.
  • To visualize a three-dimensional model of the image is used around the world (including elevation), which is displayed on the screen using DirectX or OpenGL interface. It is in a three-dimensional landscape of the earth’s surface and is the main program Unlike its predecessor Google Earth Google Maps. users can easily navigate to any point on the planet, controlling the position of “virtual camera”.
  • Almost the entire land surface is covered with images obtained from DigitalGlobe’s company, and has a resolution of 15 m per pixel. There are some parts of the surface (usually includes the capital and several major cities in most countries), with a more detailed resolution. For example, Moscow is removed with a resolution of 0.6 m / pc, and many cities in the US – c resolution of 0.15 m / pc. This landscape has a resolution of about 100 m.
  • There is also a large amount of additional data that can be linked by the user. For example, names of settlements, water reservoirs, airports, roads, railways / etc information. In addition, many cities no further information – the names of streets, shops, gas stations, hotels, etc. There is a layer of geo-data (synchronized over the Internet with appropriate database), which is displayed references (geo-reference) for the article from .. Wikipedia. In Russia, you can see the names of the streets of all the cities in the central region.
  • Users can create their own label and apply more satellite imagery (this may be a card, or a more detailed picture obtained from other sources). These tags can be shared with other users of the program via the Google Earth Community forums. Sent to this forum marks become visible after about a month all users of Google Earth.

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