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GooPatient (17.71 Mb) is a program to create and maintain personal medical diaries. In addition to his own, you can also keep separate diaries, for example. Family members Contains electronic medical records and medical records medical records for storage on their computers. The idea is to write down when and what you said, what the doctor said at the reception, what medication he was taking, how effective they helped. Or write down your weight, pressure, physical activity and, thus, you slowly start making more sensible decisions about the health or health of the people on NYGoodHealth you care about. Usually, all our medical records are stored in clinics in very precarious form – in thick notebooks 48 leaflets, inserted on cardboard for durability, which gradually add more than a hundred leaflets inserted with diagnosis, drawing and analysis results. And every time you come to a new doctor, you need to take it with you, or tell everything from memory. Roughly reading medical handwriting, I was even afraid to think. You can also use the GooPatient Family to keep the health of your loved ones: children, adult animals and even pets. Includes personal medical records and journals where you can record health-related events: symptoms, medications, doctor visits, medical procedures, diagnoses, etc. By using a webcam you can take pictures and add journal recipes, photo drugs, external symptoms on the body. You can easily export and print your medical records and medical history to take it to a doctor. To organize your notes, you can use # hashtags. For example, you can make # Aspirin hashtag and track all the cases while you take this medication, how many doses and how many help you. Or add a hashtag # Cold to see how often you get the flu. Or create a hashtag # Weather and track how the weather affects your health.


  • GooPatient helps you maintain better health.
  • Medical card on your computer – Keep your electronic medical records on your computer. This card may contain basic information about the age of health, blood type, allergies, contraindications, diseases, vaccinations, insurance, etc. Can be quickly printed and taken to the doctor.
  • Health journal as simple as Facebook. At GooPatient, you can do medical records just as a blog on Twitter. Take note of all the things that happen to your health: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment. So you can make more sensible decisions about your family’s health and health.
  • Medical data on Android smartphones – When you see a doctor or travel – bring your medical data to your smartphone (tablet or smartphone). You can sync GooPatient mobile and desktop versions via USB or online services like Dropbox.
  • Mark the marker “in the sick place” – When you describe where the pain is, one image is better than a thousand words. In GooPatient there is a collection of pictures of body parts and markers where you can mark the sore point. You can also draw your own pictures taken on your phone or webcam.
  • Contact doctor and medical files – Store prescriptions, referrals, X-rays, ultrasound and MRI and other medical files at GooPatient. So you can quickly find the right file when you need it. You can also write to GooPatient contacts at clinics and doctors, keeping track of your medical expenses.
  • Monitor the health of the whole family – If you have children or parents you care about (or even your favorite cat), you can create a profile for each. Each profile can be password protected and contains medical records and journals for medical records.
  • Your Children’s Health Journal – Keep a child health journal – write symptoms, test results, tests, allergies, contraindications. This will help you learn how to react without panic to all health problems and communicate professionally with pediatricians.
  • Immunization Schedule and Inoculation Card – Make your child’s adjective calendar to keep up with the specified date. Record the state of child health before vaccination, test results and pediatric examination. Record the symptoms of the child’s local and general reaction to the vaccine.
  • Pocket ID cards in an emergency – For patients with diabetes, asthma, allergies, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, heart failure, Goopatient allows you to print IDs, which will give emergency and emergency doctors important information in the event of a disease attack.

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