Graphisoft Archicad 24 Build 3008 Full + Crack

Graphisoft Archicad 24 Build 3008 is a sophisticated design tool combined with improved workflows. The new version’s capabilities significantly increase productivity and usability both when creating architectural projects and when exchanging data.

Main Features:

  • Facade design
    An updated approach to facade design at ARCHICAD gives architects greater freedom in the creation and detailed study of a “c_video” curtain wall hierarchy system based on a modular sample. The design is done by the building elements graphically by the user in the most comfortable 2D projection and 3D display, while ARCHICAD ensures the creation of structures that really fit the requirements for drawings and curtain wall specifications. To model a complex curtain wall system, you only need to create a scheme based on a modular sample in the BIM environment. Creation of vertical and horizontal element connections occurs automatically. At any time, curtain walls can be equipped with a variety of sunscreens and other accessories. Compliance with the requirements for documentation is achieved by preparing the display of elements that can be scaled with any level of detail. All components and parts of frames, panels, and even accessories are fully taken into account in the Element Catalog.
    For algorithmic design of curtain walls, you can use the advanced extension ARCHICAD-Grasshopper Connection. Based on any set of 2D lines, architects can model the Curtain Wall Pattern and adjust all the sub-elements on the Grasshopper Canvas, and then use it to create stunning facades in ARCHICAD.
  • Increased productivity
    ARCHICAD 22 productivity improvement aims to significantly improve panning and scaling smoothness during 2D navigation projects of various sizes.
    In the creation of the hatching of complex elements, parts and surfaces, computer GPUs are now involved. Multi-core processors are used more efficiently thanks to a patented algorithm that calculates panning and zooming operations in the background. The powerful ARCHICAD 64-bit architecture works well in combination with optimizing the use of multi-core processors for complex and large models.
    Exclusive technology Background Calculation Introduction uses the power of a computer that is not used to pre-calculate in the background the next action that is most likely to be performed by the user. This approach provides very fast work regardless of project size.
  • Parametric Profile Editor
    The ARCHICAD 22 Parametric Profile Editor combines the power of parametric design with the convenience of creating graphic profiles.
    Using various modifiers in the Profile Editor for hatch faces allows you to create a more flexible Wall, Beam and Column Profile. This makes it possible to shift each or all sides at the same time as at the Profile Details level, and at the level of individual elements. Using a Special Geometry Modifier, architects can use the same Profile to model walls, columns and beams of various geometries. Resizing Parametric Profiles makes it possible to get different elements without increasing the number of Details in the project. The height and thickness of each layer or component of complex elements can now be adjusted individually.
  • Formulas in Property Values
    In ARCHICAD 22, you can use logical expressions to get new Properties and Values ​​based on the parameters of the element itself. This new feature significantly increases the amount of data available in building information models. The ability to use any formula as an Element Property Value allows you to do automatic calculations without the need for manual data entry, which often leads to errors. The results can be used in ARCHICAD to mark and filter elements. This data can be entered in the graph or table representation of the model using mathematical, logical or text operators, which are widespread in standard worksheet applications. Property Values ​​that contain web links provide quick access from the Online Catalog to any site or online database. Property values ​​can be created by entering data and parameters in logical expressions and formulas. The properties of elements created based on numerical, textual, or even logical data simplify information processing, search of the required elements, and exchange data.
  • Increase productivity
    At ARCHICAD 22 you will find a variety of enhancements that simplify the modeling and drawing of building information. In addition, the accuracy of the data included in statements and specifications and sent to relevant specialists has greatly improved.
  • Adjustable Graph Dialing
    By selecting a collection of graphic primitives (lines, arcs, and polylines) and blocks of text (including automatic text with data about elements), you can save them as External Labels.
  • Import and export of ARCHICAD Property elements through IFC
    At ARCHICAD 22, the quality and accuracy of information exported about Components and Materials in IFC 2×3 and IFC4 formats has been improved. This is very important in creating specifications and calculating quantitative indicators based on building materials from individual layers of the Multilayer structure and components of the Complex Profile.
  • Rhinoceros extension – Grasshopper – ARCHICAD
    The new Deconstruction feature allows you to transfer data from the ARCHICAD element to the Rhino and Grasshopper. As a result, architects can optimize and coordinate design decisions using the entire set of Grasshopper and Rhinoceros tools and extensions.
  • Support for super resolution monitors on Windows 10
    Now, lines, text and other graphic elements of the ARCHICAD interface are displayed much clearer because of the support of ultra-high-resolution UHD monitors (4K and 5K) in the Windows 10 operating system.
  • Repairing Stairs and Fences
    The Stair and Railings tool that was introduced at ARCHICAD 22 was further developed. Now you can display the height of the hall on the stairs to identify possible collisions. Drawings of stairs can be made taking into account the requirements of national standards. New tilt protectors and panels simplify the modeling process.
  • Automatic reservation of elements in Team Work
    Now backing up a large set of items in Teamwork mode only takes a fraction of a second. Please note that this upgrade is only available to BIMcloud GRAPHISOFT User License holders.

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