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GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 26 Build 4019 is an advanced modeling application that allows architects to design buildings more efficiently using Virtual Building technology. ArchiCAD allows architects to focus on the design itself, doing this work alone or in teams, while exchanging data with consultants and specialists in other fields.

With ArchiCAD, you will discover the benefits of architectural design in 3D space and enjoy great freedom in your work. In ArchiCAD, you create a Building Information 3D Model, from which all necessary documents and drawings are generated automatically.

This project takes life and thrives on screen in tandem with your thought-provoking work, allowing you to focus on creativity. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the most natural and intuitive design approach, and thanks to the vivid representation of 3D projects, customers will be impressed by your creativity.

Main Features:

  • Introduction to the MORF tool. ArchiCAD has a new tool called “MORPH” (MORP) and it is designed for free modeling.
  • Components of the MORP tool. Objects created by the MORP tool consist of three components: vertices, faces, and surfaces.
  • MORP creation of polygon objects. The first way to construct a MORP object is polygonal. With it, you can build closed contours – actually, MORP faces.
  • MORP creation of polygonal 3D objects. Polygonal objects are not bound to a single plane in any way – any vertex can occupy any position in space, thus creating a spatial polygon.
  • Creation of rectangular, arc and closed MORP elements. In general, there are four types of MORP element construction: “rectangles” and “rotated rectangles” to create straight elements, “centers and radii” and “points on curves” to create curved elements.
  • 3D grid creation from MORP elements. The Box construction method creates solid objects. The first two points define the base of the box, and the third determines the height.
  • Creation of spherical MORP elements. And the third method of construction is rounding. It is built in three steps, and first you need to set up a profile.
  • Selection of subelements. Each MORP element consists of sub-elements that can be selected for further work. Selects multiple subelements. In this case, you can select multiple sub-elements at once.
  • Removed the MORP subelement. At any time, the selected MORP subelement can be deleted, thereby editing the structure of the MORP object.
  • Work with faces and surfaces. At the same time, new geometries can be added to existing MORP elements – faces, surfaces, or solid objects.
  • MORP elevation adjustment. Like other 3D objects, MORP objects can be assigned elevations – this parameter is called Base Height.
  • Display of MORP elements on the plan. On a floor plan, MORP elements are displayed as 3D projections – such as elaborate roofs or shells.
  • Coating adjustments for MORP elements. In the MORP element parameters dialog, you can set the base material for the coating, which is then applied to all object surfaces.
  • Setting up a method for splitting faces for MORP elements. Each face of a MORP element has three construction modes that affect the principle of surface shaping and appearance.
  • Changed the face texture of MORP elements. By default, texture mapping methods for MORP objects are boxed. But users can set their own overlay method for each face – up to spherical overlays.
  • Change the origin and texture direction of the MORP elements. For each face of a MORP element, you can set your own starting point to spread its texture and rotation angle.
  • Moved the MORP body nodes. Each vertex of a MORP element can be moved freely in space, thereby changing the overall structure of the volume and attaching to another vertex, the face of the object.

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