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Guitar Pro with Soundbanks (622 Mb) is a much loved guitar guitar chords, tablature, BASS drawing four spectral lines, print, view, listen to the software, is also a good MIDI sequencer, MIDI production tools, can output standard MIDI format. GP excels is that it can use the mouse and keyboard on a standard six-line spectrum, four balanced line input spectrum, view, print and listen (real-time, automatic scrolling display a single part or multiple modes of music score), portamento do plucked instruments , Yi Yin, rope bending, vibrato, harmonics, vibrato, muted voice, arpeggios, broken chords, slap BASS and thus has an absolute advantage.

Guitar Pro guitar chords, aspects of the position of the display, projection, investigation, calls, etc., is also very convenient, simple, intuitive, and large, which is the same software can not compete with the main features of the main. Software provides support including simplified and traditional Chinese, including 25 different languages. The new version adds a number of print settings for individual users; guitars panel country (area of ​​operation) playback made some major improvements to display the current time you can choose to play a note, the next note, chord charts at this time, the size of the current record; adds support for 4 strings 5 ​​stringed instrument, stringed instrument chord chart 7 drum notation symbol of support and input; increase the lyrics input to provide more convenient and more.

Guitar Pro is a composer beginners, especially when the beginner guitar choice of companions, is a very good software junior, non-real-time composer between the works.

GUITAR PRO by AROBAS ( is developed, compared with the previous version, adding many new features, it can be called a very mature guitar music production software! GUITAR PRO (hereinafter referred to as GP) is the biggest advantage lies in the cozy spectrum display six lines, which not only brings convenience to observe and can print high-quality guitar sheet music; GP also supports external MIDI input, if you have a MIDI guitar, then you can flex its muscles, and now no longer bound by the CAKEWALK! While playing MIDI Setup also supported the selection of sources, overcoming version uses only default MIDI audio system problems before, can quickly replace a variety of audio playback, very comfortable! In addition, the GP also supports multi-track mode, we can use it to produce apart from the guitar tracks can also create tracks of bass and percussion track, so the production system fully GP3 guitar-centric music that is fully capable of competent various MIDI music production requirements you! Let us enter the world of the guitar GP.

Some key features of Guitar Pro:

Custom Views:

  • With Guitar Pro you have the option of working either directly in page or screen mode (horizontal or vertical). The screen modes use all the space available in the workspace. It is possible to change at any moment the proportions and page setup of your document as well as the viewed tracks.

Automatic page setup:

  • Guitar Pro automatically configures the vertical position of the various elements of the score. The input is therefore very rapid, giving an output similar to that of published songbooks.


  • Guitar Pro automatically adds the bars and provides synchronization between the tracks of the score. This strict synchronization is needed for proper sound rendering of the score and it can also be educational at the same time.

Interactive tools:

  • Each tool within Guitar Pro is closely linked to the active track properties. For example, if you opened the guitar tuner, it would give you the tuning chosen for that specific track. This makes Guitar Pro very powerful, and easy to use.

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