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HHD Software Hex Editor Neo Ultimate (14.26 Mb) is a system hex – editor for professional users working in the field of programming and dazasemlinga etc. A very useful program and well-known, in a narrow circle of specialists – programmers. Do you want to hack the system setup program, and patches Cracks create, then this program is for you. This hex-editor has many features, including, for example; selection, viewing, editing, metadata editing, debugging, and analysis. Program the system will allow a professional programmer, create a package to a few clicks of a “mouse”, to change and modify internal data program, such as the format; EXE, DLL, DAT, AVI, MP3, JPG. Functions return and cancellation actions are not restricted. limited history file change with visualization and the ability to save and load it. There is the possibility of creating a patch of change, just two clicks.

Hex-Editor (English hex-editor), hex editor – Program system designed to edit the data. This editor in which data is presented in “raw state” as a sequence of bytes. This hex – editor can predstaavlen as a separate stand-alone program or a component of the other, more complex programs, such as disassembler, debugger, IDE, etc …

To represent the hexadecimal byte value used (Eng. Hex) number system, which is reflected in the title editor. Choosing a hexadecimal system is due to the following factors:


  • unlimited undo.
  • Choose a variety of objects.
  • Saving and loading selected.
  • Search.
  • Find and replace.
  • Saving and loading history.
  • Creating packages.
  • Operating with a clipboard.
  • Various modes of operation.
  • Set the color in the sample.
  • Inspectors data.
  • Bookmarks.
  • structure viewer.
  • Statistics.
  • Base Converter.
  • Scripting.

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