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iExplorer¬†with size 9.94 Mb While Apple has long joined the “File Sharing” feature, but still want to sync through iTunes before. However, almost all fruit fans know via iTunes file sync is very slow (especially in the Windows platform), and it took the computer resources, the program itself is very swollen. Many times we have to consider a third-party synchronization tools, we need to provide the following IExplorer recommended (browser Internet Explorer does not …) is a free iTunes file sync tool is excellent, and there is a way out.

IExplorer is running on Mac and Windows platforms free software that can be very easy to access via the software to the application directory iPhone / iPad photo directory, such as the iPhone photo library of photos you can directly interface to access IExplorer, and content created by a third-party program others (such as using Camera + photos) basically can be read from this IExplorer directly on the computer. Of course, this is not the most important, because IExplorer most useful feature is to synchronize the files on your device.


To use this software, first of all we need to know what support the “File Sharing” feature on your device, this method is very simple, connect the device and start iTunes, then select the device and click on “Applications” on the right of the main interface tab , then drag it to the bottom you can see the support of “file sharing” function of the application, which means that only applications to save files directly IExplorer valid. For example, you can go directly to the “Thunderbolt see HD” saved or MKV RMVB format movie to be played on iPad writer (Thunder to see the HD support rmvb, 3gp, mkv, mp4, flv, avi, wmv, rm, etc. format) you also can go “QQ read HD” synchronization of e-books in various formats (supports HTML, ePub, txt, ppt, xls, doc, pdf, etc.). Here we steer past, “Thunder in HD” synchronized video examples illustrate:

  1. The iPad is connected to your computer, and start IExplorer, you will find in IExplorer have identified on your iPad, then expand will find two folders: Applications and Media
  2. Extending the Apps folder, and then find the “Thunderbolt see HD” folder, and then expand, you will see a file called Documents folder, this folder is the ability to drag and drop files directly synchronous
  3. Video is synchronized directly to the Documents folder, the synchronization is complete. Additional support of “file-sharing” of the application, also synchronize files to the Documents folder.

By using this method, you will find the speed is very fast, and small footprint of the system, should be installed. However, this software can only support synchronous “file-sharing” of the application, there is no way to synchronize music (Apple does not seem open to third-party music player, “File sharing” interface), the actual writer in the process of testing, it was found that mp3 and other file formats to the Thunder to see the HD can also play .

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