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Infix PDF Editor Pro 6.48 size 65.17 Mb is it allows you to edit and format text (even across multiple columns), manipulate graphics, images and pages in a PDF-file. Using Infix Pro can update newsletters, brochures, technical manuals, etc., created in PDF, without the need to have the original document, and the fonts used.

Using Infix Pro, you can open, edit and save PDF files. It is simple and does not take much time: You can change the text, fonts, images, etc. And, unlike other PDF editors, Infix works as a plain text editor, and very easy to use .. Get rid of typos: rapid correction of errors in PDF file. Using existing PDF files: PDF to change without reference to the source file. Conserve paper: filling out a form, without having to print on paper. No matter how much text you need to change: the word, paragraph, or entire pages. Infix – only PDF editor that can make sure you change the format and layout of the text. After saving changes will be organically into the file.

Main Function:

  • Edit text directly in PDF
  • Wrap text into paragraphs, columns and pages
  • Change the font, size or color
  • Automatic Search and Replace
  • Enter and transfer text and graphics in PDF
  • Adding, deleting, resizing and cropping pages
  • Password protection
  • Adding links and notes


  • advanced features for working with PDF graphics.
    Composition Infix Pro includes a set of tools for graphics processing, for example, you can object group, hide or block, you can edit them and create a clipping mask, it will be easier to align the vertical lines that exist, which is provided in addition to the network, guide, and the page margins.
  • Insertion PDF.
    Using existing PDF documents as a component – just put them on the page. As with any other object, you can rotate and move and resize them. Using Infix any document can be converted to PDF, respectively, can be imported as PDF documents of any type.
  • Merge PDF using drag and drop.
    Drag Infix to merge several PDF files into one document. All pages of the document, you can add headers and footers and page numbers, it uses powerful functions for copying multiple pages.
  • Translation of PDF documents with translation tools, and XML.
    PDF Export in XML format for use in applications translation and automatic import of translated text (XML) back to PDF. Infix in the translated text will be placed in the same manner as in the original document, and the need to change the layout and font substitution will be minimal.
  • Merge PDF using drag and drop.
    Effective fit text gives the best view of Infix Server templates and conventional illustration. In Infix Pro you can configure the automatic fitting of text and shows the characteristics to be changed. You can fit text in multiple columns or multiple pages.
  • Find and replace in multiple PDF documents.
    Infix Pro powerful search function implemented in multiple PDF documents, and even catalogs filled with documents. Search is done on all documents, while the original document does not change, and any errors or processing problems recorded. In addition, search and replace functions can be applied to hyperlinks: it would be easier, for example, if you change the website address of the company.
  • Find in PDF and replacement font, color, or size.
    Through a variety of search criteria enable you to restrict the results by size, color or font of text – it’s convenient when changing text in headers and footers without having to change the basic text of the PDF.
  • Sensor text.
    Overlay easy and simple sensor, which allows you to select and remove any part of the text. The source code is guaranteed to be removed, and in its place black line replaced.
  • Blocking PDF elements in the template.
    Setting limits in the PDF file, created for clients: the possibility of blocking objects, move objects only vertically (to preserve harmony), restrictions on the use of color and font sets.
  • Template.
    Create PDF templates for Infix Server. Marking text areas that must be replaced, use the booking functions. The ability to determine the type of text layout for replacement. Marking a picture, trimming and smoothing, used in replacement.

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