Iris Pro 1.1.9 Full + Keygen

Iris Pro 1.1.9 (40.46 Mb) is a program to improve health and productivity when working with a PC. It runs in the background and does not interfere with workflows. By default, Iris runs automatically and detects that it’s day or night. Based on this, it will change the color temperature and brightness of your screen. When you open the program control panel, you can choose various aperture modes and types. Iris combines all the tips, advice, and medical research on healthy eyes and eye protection. Remind when to rest, make the monitor work better and improve sleep quality. Iris blocks the disturbance; This is a program designed for productivity and health. In addition, developers regularly update programs according to user reviews and introduce new ideas to improve health and productivity.


  • Prevents eye strain
    Iris optimizes screen ripples by controlling brightness without PWM. You can spend more time at the computer, avoiding headaches.
  • Softens eye pain
    Iris will adjust the screen brightness according to the lighting around you. Various templates allow you to adjust the screen automatically. Working at a computer is the same as reading a book.
  • Improve sleep quality
    The iris will gradually adjust the color blue day and night. This will help your body produce melatonin at night. You can fall asleep faster and stronger.

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