Jixipix Watercolor Studio 1.4.9 Full + Crack

Jixipix Watercolor Studio 1.4.9 is a graphic application designed to create a liquid, transparent, natural watercolor effect that will somehow flow naturally. Made on top of an extraordinary rendering system that uses real-world methods, this application does the initial work, produces an instant watercolor effect, and then allows you to customize your paintings with various sliders, layers, brushes, color presets and artistic touches. The end result is high quality watercolor paint filled with transparent brightness and pure beauty.

Main Features:

  • Watercolor Studio uses artificial intelligence and image recognition to visualize original watercolors, and then gives you the ability to quickly and easily create endless variations. Replace ink with ink, add beautiful artistic finishes, clean details and even spray with liquid stains. Control everything from details to nuances from negative to coloring. No art skills required! The beauty of a well-run watercolor painting comes from the transparency of paint on paper. This also comes from the unique characteristics of unique watercourses. Watercolor studios make it easy to do this with the only liquid slider. As you move it, pay attention to how it stains, throughout the image for a very wet style. Or use the Wet Edge slider to determine edges, with shaded pigments and colors that flow naturally into.
  • The style of the paint makes it impressive
    Paint Styles, also known as Paint Layers, allow you to create beautiful and unique watercolors by stacking layers of watercolors, mixing colors and textures, and detailing. No art skills required! Every photo placed in Watercolor Studio is automatically converted to watercolors, with full control over the settings. While it is good to have complete control over what the paint does on paper, some of the most beautiful effects occur during the experiment. So have fun and try not to be too careful. You will be amazed by some of the photos you get.
  • Program features
    Watercolor portrait is a dry wet paint with all the characteristics of original watercolors. Fine portrait details and nuances, then subtle colors using a liquid slider, while maintaining the clarity of the detected contours and colors.
  • Watercolor Landscape is abstract water that is free with wet paint, great for landscapes. Use it to distribute unreadable details, as if they are saturated with water, for loose wet watercolor paints that melt together.
  • Ink Wash transforms photos into fine and smooth paintings with one to three colors. Choose from the washing library to make ultra-ink paintings, or lightweight monotones. Combine with Color Washes and Outline Layers for expressive works that are full of artistic character.
  • Liquefy is a transparent layer used for dilution and flow. Use the Liquefy Layer on top of one or more layers, then rub with continuous motion to combine the required areas. This subtle effect softens the area like a real brush soaked in water.
  • Color Washing – mixing color washings and handmade textures in a painting, while maintaining some or all of the original color. Use them to warm, cool, or illuminate light and color throughout the painting, controlling as much as possible. Use the rendering mode to combine washing with watercolors, ink containers, and boards for interesting unique artwork.
  • The path defines the edges of the entire image. Choose between round watercolor accents, or sharp ink in them. Additional modes allow you to combine contours harmoniously with images, or make solids that stand out.
  • Spatter adds a liquid stain that actually looks wet and liquid. Use them to add texture, age and color bits throughout the image.
  • Canvas is the basis of your painting. On this layer, use the settings to change the canvas (paper) style. Choose between cold press, hot press, or rough texture. Here you can also improve pigment granulation in watercolors and how darkness or light color transparency appears on paper.

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