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Kaspersky Password Manager (4.6 Mb) is a Password Manager, which stores your data safely protected by a master password using cloud sync all stored information. All of your data is stored in a special encrypted data storage, access can only be obtained with a master password. This storage method allows you to protect your valuable data even in the event of loss or theft of the device where Kaspersky Password Manager.

You can choose which data will be used to fill in the registration form, and to quickly enter personal or business contact information. You can also view the data stored on your device where Kaspersky Password Manager repository. All this is possible thanks to the use of Kaspersky Account.

Kaspersky Account – is a single account access to all services, “Kaspersky Lab”. Kaspersky Account Account used to synchronize data across all your devices, as well as access to My Kaspersky portal and a personal account on the web site Technical Support Department.

Kaspersky My Portal – is a single online source for all your devices security management and licensing program, “Kaspersky Lab”.

Main Features:

  • Data Storage
    Kaspersky Password Manager stores passwords from online email, social networking, online shopping and other websites, password of the application, contact details, bank card number and PIN-code, passport details, passwords from the computer, and other important personal data storage data.
  • Autofill login fields and data substitution
    If you need to log in on the website, Kaspersky Password Manager will automatically enter your login and password on the website. Also, Kaspersky Password Manager allows you to quickly and easily enter registration data that are required when working with the website.
  • data protection
    In the Kaspersky Password Manager, all data is encrypted and decrypted only when you want to access and enter the master password. The master password is not stored anywhere, and only you know. If you forget your master password, you can not get access to your data.
  • automatic synchronization of the data on all your devices
    Kaspersky Password Manager can automatically maintain the current state of the data stored in the storage across all your devices running Kaspersky Password Manager. This means that if you add data in Kaspersky Password Manager on one device, Kaspersky Password Manager automatically sends data to online storage and online storage of them were sent to all your devices. Also, in case of change or loss of sync your device with the data warehouse Kaspersky Password Manager can recover your data.

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