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Kaspersky System Checker (46.41 Mb) is a software system that is used to diagnose a security vulnerability detection system on your computer, look for performance problems and remove unwanted applications and extensions. The program is built on the principle of a single system for the analysis of potential threats and security issues that can lead to infection by malicious software and violating computer performance.

Main Features:

  • simple scanning
    To start the test you only need to press a button. To see the results do not need to wait until the end of the scan Kaspersky System Checker displays a list of problem immediately after their identification. Kaspersky System Checker displays information that can lead to serious vulnerabilities. For example, it checks whether the downloading of ActiveX components allowed into Internet Explorer, set whether the automatic update system, and whether the actual version of your antivirus. The program also displays a warning if the service is disabled Windows User Account Control, or if the Hosts file is changed. In addition, Kaspersky File System Checker show the signs of malicious behavior, and firewall configuration issues.
  • Viewing Information Systems or Remove Programs
    Kaspersky System Checker gathers configuration information, including the version of the OS, the data about the hardware components installed antivirus and versions, as well as the structure of the logical drive. The program can serve as a tool to see the extensions installed in the browser or tool removal program on the local machine. Kaspersky Checker system notifies the user of some system settings, which can contribute to a successful attack on the computer. For example, warn autorun program is activated when you connect removable media. It is known as the autorun.inf file distribution means some viruses.
  • security system diagnosis
    After analysis of Kaspersky System Checker System indicate the main problems found in the safety and performance of the device. Are advised to fully see the list of dangers and take preventive measures as soon as possible.
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