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KMPlayer with size 35.63 Mb is a versatile media player with rich functionality, which includes almost all the codecs main audio and video playback of all popular formats, has videos extensive customization specific and have high-quality support for subtitles in various formats, advanced features to capture video and audio, can play AVI files underutilized or damaged, as well as play music files directly archives and much more. Support reform.

The KMPlayer – is a video / audio player with built-in codecs (VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg, MP3, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, FLV, QuickTime, etc.), Letting watching movies (including DVD) and listening to music without installing codecs.

The KMPlayer is equipped with modern design, easy to set up, has the ability to set and change the keyboard shortcuts. It is possible to be run from the command line, this can help if we assume you have recorded on the disc the film and hand it over to someone else, in the startup disk, you can specify the beginning of the film through the KMPlayer, after saving it to disk.

The KMPlayer has a large number of settings for the video, which can significantly improve the video quality. In KMPlayer is not difficult to find the functions you need. In KMPlayer’e You can change the color of their skin, it is possible to record the playback sound in the file, connect the DSP plug, subtitles, visualization when playing audio files.

In addition, KMPlayer can work not only with internal but also external filters and plug-ins, which allows a very flexible configuration of audio and video files playable settings.

Another positive feature of this player is that the registration of the internal filters in the operating system is not carried out, so as to use KMPlayer for distribution together with the content – for example, on a disc with the movie to see on a computer that does not have the right codec.


  • Play streaming and non-streaming video and audio formats, both open and closed
  • Built-in codec (mainly used library libavcodec) for almost all types of files that are not recorded in the system that allows you to not clog the system unnecessary entries in the registry, grappling with how to reproduce any file. The side effects of this is the ability to work with removable media.
  • Play nedokachannyh and damaged (corrupted) file
  • The ability to store settings in the registry and configuration files.
    Ability to use the program as a portable player with a set of portable storage in, for example, stick or device is read only (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-RW and t. D.). This is possible if you delete a file from my gen_hotkeys.dll players, gen_ml.dll, gen_ml.ini, ml_win_media.ini.
  • Having a high-quality support for subtitles in various formats, including .ass
  • Integrated subtitle editor
  • Feature for the visually impaired and subtitle scale
  • For “advanced” users is highly customizable configurations.
  • Allows you to play the external audio track.
  • The ability to use plug-in for Winamp
  • There is support for cover.
  • Capture video from file (without audio) (for video, for example)
  • Audio Grab

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