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LogFusion Pro 5.2 with size 3.2 Mb is a powerful tool for monitoring and analyzing the log files. It allows you to view the log files on both local and remote computers. In LogFusion has a backlight function and filtering string of text to find specific information. Has a tabbed interface with customizable columns. In LogFusion can add a directory for continuous monitoring. The program supports any text logs, including web server logs, log developers, etc. It can also read Event Logs in real time.

  • Row Highlighting
    Use LogFusions powerful custom highlighting to match text strings or regex patterns and format the matched log lines to suit your needs.
  • Advanced Text Filtering
    Use LogFusions Advanced Text Filtering to filter and hide lines that dont match your search text, all in real-time as new lines are being added. Complex queries allow you to easily narrow down your results.
  • Watched Folders
    LogFusion can automatically add new logs from Watched Folders. Just specify the folders to monitor, and LogFusion will automatically open any new log files created in those folders.
  • Custom Columns
    Create custom column definitions and let LogFusion parse and split the log lines into your custom columns for easier reading.
  • Sync Highlight Rules
    LogFusion Pro can sync your highlighting rules online, allowing them to be easily loaded and updated from any computer where you are logged in.
  • Auto-Scroll (like tail)
    Just like the tail program on Linux/Unix, you can use LogFusion to show the newest lines in a log in real-time.
  • Supports Many Log Types
    LogFusion can read any text log files, like server logs or application debug logs. You can also view local and remote Windows Event Logs and Event Channels, and even capture text from OutputDebugString function calls for easy application debugging.
  • Tabbed Interface
    LogFusion uses an intuitive and familiar tabbed interface, while still allowing you to undock logs from the main window into separate windows for side-by-side comparison of related logs.
  • Scrollbar Highlight Markings
    LogFusions scrollbar shows indicators for highlighted lines in the log file, making it easier to locate lines that match your highlight rules, especially in large log files.
  • Elevation for Secure Logs
    Some logs need Administrator privileges, so just use LogFusions Elevate to Administrator button to quickly and easily elevate LogFusion.
  • Pin LogFusion Always On Top
    Pin LogFusions window on top of all other windows using the Always on Top button so you can always see your logs, no matter what youre doing.

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