Lumenzia 10.9.3 Panel for Adobe Photoshop Full + Patch

Lumenzia 10.9.3 Panel for Adobe Photoshop

Lumenzia 10.9.3 Panel for Adobe Photoshop is software that is integrated into Photoshop as an extension. Help you edit landscape images to increase or decrease color saturation to make your photos more beautiful.

With Lumenzia, you will get a preview of the entire mask screen before signing up. When you click on the image, you can select (or choose) to tone the color / color to the level you need. No need for interviews with plus and minus channels.

Separate the mask with the individual parts of the image with a simple selection. You can combine collective masks to easily see the overall effect of the mask. Lumenzia offers a compact panel with just the right button and completely eliminates the need for a drain tray.

Simply draw a selected area around the destination area to create any texture size, sharpness, or position on the image. The texture can be easily modified, inverted (to lighten the center area) or combined with increased brightness (to avoid too much darkness).

Main Features:

  • The operation process is completely simplified and the mask is fully customizable
  • Vector masks and masks (to save multiple files and avoid updating masks)
  • Add, except or cut any mask or region for advanced control
  • Color mask (choose color and/or brightness, visually)
  • Increase local contrast intensity (easy and automatic to create more detailed information)
  • Live masks (see the results of mixing and testing different masks)
  • Area mask for corrective accuracy
  • Scope selection Scope and scope (choose a visually appropriate mask)
  • Area map for rendering images in areas 0-10.
  • Mask-“lighter/darker” (selection of pixels compared to surrounding pixels)
  • Customizable masks for locations or colors in the image
  • custom painting
  • Blank and writable
  • Storm mask (which controls the saturation feature)
  • Apply or replace masks on existing layers with just one click
  • Images are light and dusty for easy finding and repair. Projection
  • Advanced rendering methods for portraits (to blur the surface) and landscapes (overpasses)
  • Actions can be recorded to include light and dark masks/selections in your own actions.
  • Video training and support, as well as guides for complex use.

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