Lumion Pro 12.0 Full + Patch

Lumion Pro 12.0

Lumion Pro 12.0 is a 3D visualization software solution tailor-made for architects and designers, instantly bringing your projects to life with realistic landscapes and urban contexts, stylistic effects, and thousands of objects and materials from the content library.

Lumion helps you quickly bring your design 3D models to life and display them in a detailed and attractive environment. No matter how you convey your design intent, Lumion will help you do it yourself, quickly and without special training.

Main Features:

  • Volumetric spot lighting. 3D point lighting effects are a new addition to the wide range of lighting options available in Lumion 12. Combined with real skies, fog effects, atmospheric rain, and snow, these new effects will help you showcase your designs in immersive contexts.
  • Stickers (stickers) on the surface. Show off your character, style and personality with 142 new surface stickers. Add surface imperfections, wall art, exposed brick, moss, chalk art, paint, road markings, and more. Combined with other features (such as displacement maps), you have a variety of tools for adding surface defects and highlighting textures.
  • Model assembly animation. Demonstrate the process behind developing a design project using the power of animation. orthogonal view. Embed life, color and texture into all your tech visualizations and create live plans, sections, elevations and more.
  • Mass fire. Give your interior and exterior a cozy and warm feeling.
  • Rain trail on the glass. The raindrop trail option, as part of the rainfall effect, conveys the feeling of sitting at home and watching the rain through the window.
  • Rich object library. Showcase your projects to clients with a real feel of space and environment. This is possible thanks to Lumion Pro’s rich object library. It contains more than 6900 elements from interior to exterior, flora and fauna, forest, environmental elements from beaches to dense urban landscapes. The Lumion Pro library saves time designing your project environment because you can quickly place the thousands of objects you need.
  • Richest material library. Lumion Pro has the richest material library with over 1350 titles (167 with displacement maps), allowing you to turn your basic 3D models into vivid projects faster than ever, bursting with color, spatial depth and a sense of reality. The material library includes 3D grass, bricks, wood, stone, metal, glass, water, and many other materials.
  • Detailed natural objects. In Lumion Pro you’ll find 62 completely new photorealistic flora and fauna models. Detailed models of trees, shrubs, grass and other vegetation will help bring your scene to life.
  • “Real sky”, night mode. With just one click, your project can be immersed in the blues of a hot summer day, the black and gray waves of an impending storm, or a night sky with a myriad of stars, thanks to the Lumion Pro Library with 44 “real sky” options and 5 night sky types. new.
  • Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are a feast for the eyes. If you’ve seen it in real life, you know the feeling it creates. In Lumion Pro, you can give your projects a unique artistic touch with the new Aurora Borealis effect.
  • The function of combining 3D models with real photos. In Lumion Pro it is possible to combine 3D models with real photos. With this feature, you can place your 3D model in the context of the original photo.
  • Atmospheric effects: rain and snow. You can make your pictures and videos feel more realistic with the rain and snow atmospheric effects feature in Lumion Pro. By adding the Rainfall effect, you can add ambiance to your project, from drizzle to heavy rain, from snowfall to blizzard.
  • Customizable 3D Grass. You can add a special beauty to the landscape by adding realistic grass to it. In Lumion Pro, you can create entire parks and gardens with realistic lawns, customizable 3D Grass.
  • Feather Material. Soft to the touch, colorful and inviting, new duvet or rug materials provide unmatched appeal.
  • Lines are drawn by hand. Lumion Pro makes it easy to capture the shape of your design projects with a “hand-drawn line” effect. Using them in conjunction with photorealistic, sketch, or artistic effects will emphasize the overall image and shape of the design project.
  • Outline drawn by hand. Lumion Pro makes it easy to capture the shape of your design projects with a “hand-drawn line” effect. Using them in conjunction with photorealistic, sketch, or artistic effects will emphasize the overall image and shape of the design project.
  • Softens hard edges. In real life, the corners of any object usually look slightly rounded or frayed. They are never really sharp and stiff. With the help of softening the edges, the 3D model will get a more natural and realistic look.
  • Tilt shift. There’s something about real layouts that computer rendering can’t replace without added effects. By applying a tilt-shift effect, which mimics the lens of the same name on a real camera, your project visualizations become part of a mini world. From the virtual camera’s point of view, your 3D models in Lumion Pro can look like fake photos shot with a real camera if you apply a tilt-shift effect that changes the plane of focus, blurring the foreground and background.
  • Variability of models and materials. Do wood floors match stone walls? What do your clients prefer: Design Option A or Design Option B? Either way, the variance control feature is an easy way to compare multiple material and model variations.
  • Measuring instrument. Whether you’re measuring the distance between two pieces of furniture or checking the perimeter of a garden, the Lumion Pro meter helps you take measurements quickly without having to go back to modeling software.
  • Foliage for materials. Thanks to the unique ability to transform simple shapes into realistic leaves, you can create unique hedges in a variety of shapes and sizes. Adding a variety of vegetation to any surface, such as a wall or sculpture, will give your designs a natural life.
  • OpenStreetMap. The OpenStreetMap function allows you to instantly select a location anywhere in the World and place your 3D model there. Lumion generates compliant 3D maps by importing 2D data from the OpenStreetMap database.
  • Area Light Source. Light sources such as Area light provide a variety of options to make lighting more believable. The linear or rectangular shape of the light source provides more spatial illumination of the scene, beyond the scope of simple spotlights.
  • PureGlass®. Glass is widely used in architecture, and for realistic visualization it needs to convey all the properties of real glass. PureGlass® technology lets you create clear, translucent, tinted or frosted glass that looks convincing and realistic like never before.
  • Speedray™ reflection. In Lumion Pro, reflective surfaces are automatically made more believable by flipping a switch. Speedray™ Reflection Technology offers the ability to dramatically improve image quality with a slight increase in rendering time.
  • High quality people models. Lumion Pro continues to expand its already large content library with high-quality animated 3D human models from the aXYZ Design library. Lumion Pro 325 3D animated human models in various poses, such as sitting, standing, cycling or walking on the street.
  • Additional models of plants and trees. You will get more flora and fauna models in the extended library than in the standard library. Lumion Pro comes with almost 3 times as many tree, palm, pine and many other plant models. All trees and plants, except for the detailed model library, are created using SpeedTree technology.
  • Merging projects. A great collaboration tool is the ability to merge content from shared project files into your current project. This feature is important for people working in teams because it allows multiple architects, designers and artists to work on the same project at once.

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