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MAGIX Samplitude Pro X5 Suite is the ideal and complete solution for personal computer music production, providing a complete set of essential professional tools for solo and studio projects. MAGIX Samplitude is a complete suite of tools for computer workstations that are the backbone of a production, post-production or master studio. It includes the standard features of multitrack programs – recording, editing, mixing, processing with effects, etc., sound editing functions (no less in range and power for dedicated audio editors), support for modern multimedia formats, allowing you to work with multiple at between them directly, without intermediary conversion.

Main Features:

  • MAGIX Samplitude lets you master mixed (or loaded separately) material – from editing and processing to CD track labeling, and right from the project work window to record audio CDs in full compliance with Red Book standards. Justifying its harsh name, this version of the MAGIX Samplitude Producer really does tackle production tasks like supporting work not only with audio, but also with MIDI and even with video. And the ability to mix audio material in Surround Sound formats (both traditional two-channel and six-channel 5.1) expands the already narrower horizons of the program. The multitrack portion of the MAGIX Samplitude Producer is capable of simultaneously working with 999 mono or stereo tracks. Virtual mixers allow signals to be routed to the same number of additional buses, which can be configured as sending outputs or subgroups.
  • The audio core of the program, although it records voice data according to its name, that is, with a sampling rate of up to 96 kHz and a bit depth of up to 24 bits (in addition, 24-bit material is presented in a 32-bit floating point format), but it can work with files with sampling rates up to 192 kHz and up to 32 bits. With an excellent digital processing algorithm using sequential floating point calculations and absolute phase stability, Samplitude delivers material that sounds incredibly transparent even after intensive editing and effects processing. In addition, optimization of individual real-time effects program code for Pentium III / IV processors can significantly improve system performance.
  • Almost all work in MAGIX Samplitude is done not with physical audio fragments (for example, with WAV files), but with links to them. This link is placed in a multi-channel virtual project (VIP) as an object (Object), which is displayed in the work window. In addition to the “image” of the wave, the object contains various service information that controls file playback. Working with objects (that is, performing editing operations, editing, etc.), you only change the information of this service – the original files remain intact. The result of the same operation is calculated by Samplitude in real time, right during playback. In other words, the object of the virtual project tells the program how and when to play the sound file (or parts of it, because the object may not always contain the entire file, but also its fragments). Further manipulation with objects, i.e. fades, processing with effects, blending, etc., are also calculated in real time. Samplitude lets you do all your work from start to finish in a completely non-destructive way. This makes it possible not only to freely use the same file across multiple projects, but also (most importantly) to avoid the trunk that occurs when content is constantly stored in the lowest bit format between recalculation operations.

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