MAGIX Video Pro X11 Full Version

MAGIX Video Pro X11 with size 907 Mb is software for fast and high-quality video processing. This powerful modern software product contains a large number of innovative and unique functions for editing videos, working with color gamut, processing audio streams, working with effects and writing that will meet the needs of ambitious video enthusiasts and professionals.

Main Features:

  • Video editing:
    Thanks to a well-designed toolbar, convenient pictogram, and editing functions for three or four points, you can work with accurate video clips for frames (even simultaneously in several formats and in several resolution options). The program editor based on key frames will allow you to work with effects in real time, create motion animations, scale materials, and use other features. To work with material from many cameras, Video Pro X has powerful features for professional editing of duplicate materials. The full use of proxy and rendering resources at the preview stage will help you work quickly and efficiently.
  • Management with key personnel.
    Keyframes will help you manage the immediate effects of Media Containers at any given time. For example, you can adjust colors in a very artistic way by calculating the color saturation correctly.
  • Videos with one object (nested order).
    The ability to embed videos in one object (nested order) implemented in Video Pro X will allow you to work faster. As often as you want! In the final stage, you can always quickly add the desired “forgotten” effects and animations.
  • 360 degree editing.
    On Video Pro X, you can work with panoramic videos even if you’ve never done it before. The internal stitching function allows you to achieve truly decent results when working with panoramic material.
  • Color Rating:
    The 16-bit Deep Color processing function integrated in the program will allow you to “really turn around” by aligning the color gamut, using 4: 4: 4 color sampling and full color shifting, quickly achieving professional-level results. You can make primary and secondary color corrections, and use advanced functions to adjust lighting, enhance shadows and shadows. Search tables (called LUTs) will help you to “dig” into existing camera templates, as well as create and save your own LUT.
  • The final result.
    The high-precision color gamut tool contained in Video Pro X allows your material to look exactly the way you want it to. Vectoroscope, wave monitoring, histogram and RGB functions. High-precision color conversion and support for 16-bit Deep Color guarantee full color gamut compatibility at all stages, from the first step to the last step.
  • A professional approach to working with lookup tables.
    Thanks to the use of the lookup table in Video Pro X (LUT), you can take your material to a whole new level that you have never dreamed of before. You can choose how to use the finished lookup tables, or create and save your own table templates with unlimited usage possibilities in your project.
  • Multimedia and Writing
    Video Pro X supports a variety of formats and video cameras from user and professional segments. Thanks to the built-in “marking” and recording meta information function, you will be able to fully control your project at any time. Default support for alpha channels for AVI files will allow you to import, exchange, and repair material that is almost unlimited in special programs. At the end of the project, you can make your own DVD, AVCHD, and Blu-ray discs thanks to the advanced software maker features.
  • Support for professional formats / camcorders.
    Video Pro X supports all major formats, such as AVCHD (Progressive), NXCAM, ProRes, XAVC S, XDCAM or HEVC / H.265, optionally also professional formats such as AVC-Intra and DVCPRO. Open timelines in this program for working with video allow you to import and process material quickly and easily in a variety of formats – without the need to convert the material at first.
  • “Authoring” for DVD, AVCHD and Blu-ray discs
    You can create professional level DVDs and Blu-ray discs with professional writing features. You can both use various animated menu templates and create your own. Create your own pre-designed templates for future projects, or work with them further in programs like Xara Designer Pro X.
  • Audio Streaming Processing
    Professional work with sound in Video Pro X is achieved thanks to the most accurate software tools for sound recovery, mixing, mixing audio components (according to EBU R 128 standards) and many plug-ins to master. Thanks to the VST standard support for the Video Pro X interface, you can always develop it with a third-party external module.
  • Internal Audio Cleanup.
    Recovery, processing and optimizing video material at the highest speed in real time. Versatile automation and highly professional functions for “cleaning” sound will allow you to achieve crystal-clear sound under any circumstances.
  • Audio mixer with the ability to work in real time.
    The built-in mixer in Video Pro X allows you to work with sound effects, dialogue, and music from movies to the smallest details. The built-in module allows you to apply high-end level effects at the track level.
  • Works with sound at a professional level.
    After mixing, you can do the final processing on the master channel in the Mastering Suite (including material as 5.1 Surround Sound). Sound tracks can be exported to your hard drive or transferred via the EDL interface to the so-called. External sound editor or DAW.
  • Effect Design:
    Many opportunities to create video material creatively (specifically, HDR, Blur, chroma key, etc.) will allow you to achieve a unique Hollywood effect. Because of the ability to apply masks, you can selectively process (or apply this or that effect) any desired fragment, or “attach” additional elements to moving objects. Create your own text blocks and inserts based on many templates that can be modified. Fantastic intros, endings, and animations will allow you to emphasize the right place in the material.
  • Creative video effects.
    Video Pro X offers a range of video effects (based on GPU), which allows you to design projects creatively. Specifically, you can increase contrast or exercise in more detail the effects of HDR, and change the background based on the most accurate chromakey results. Thanks to the transfer function, you can adjust recordings to one another, and achieve a real Hollywood effect. Correcting fish-eye effects removes unwanted distortions that often occur when shooting with wide-angle shooting devices or action cameras.
  • Track objects from a professional level.
    The program for full work with Video Pro X allows you to competently track certain objects from the video sequence. This will allow you, for example, to attach additional inscriptions or elements to people or moving elements. In addition, you can hide objects that should not be seen in the video (for example, car numbers or people’s faces for privacy).

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