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MailStore Server with size 101 Mb is one of the world’s leading solution for archiving and email management in small and medium organizations. Applications MailStore Server creates an exact copy of all email in a central archive box to ensure the security and availability of data for several years. the letter MailStore Server can get instant access through a Microsoft Outlook client, browser extensions with MailStore Web Access, or mobile device (phone, tablet, smartphone). MailStore Server combines modern technology, efficiency and user-friendly.

It seems that the mail will not go out of our lives. Given the emergence of new requirements for archiving e-mail for the purpose of the process requires a file with a simple ability to access. Many organizations have a central e-mail server and file, but still many companies where it is not. Not all companies provide backup and disaster recovery procedures, it is necessary to prevent the legal risk and the risk of disruption of equipment and software. If the company mail is stored in a third-party organization, how can you be sure that you will have access to the data when they are needed?

MailStore Server with Software GmbH deepinvent company will help solve the problem of long-term protection and availability of your e-mail. This multi-user, client-server applications centrally for archiving mail. It also serves as a repository of all end users mail archive. The server component runs as a Windows service, which can be controlled and configured by way of MailStore Server Base Configuration interface. You can start, stop or restart a service, MailStore view the event log, as well as a wide selection to choose the application configuration. In the configuration you can specify a directory to hold the main database and application settings. You can specify the IP address and port for HTTP-SSL-connections and the certificate that the server should be used for traffic encryption (if different from the default certificate generated by the app).

Main Features:

  • Server supports direct access via IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), you can set specific configuration options. There is also a debug log for troubleshooting and monitoring server configuration. Most server configuration options can be used in a “set and forget.” Most of your time do you spend in the client MailStore Client. Client allows you to archive or export e-mail, search email archives and manage most of the selection of daily work MailStore Server.
  • As part of the e-mail archiving functionality, MailStore Server can import mail from a variety of sources, including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, AVM KEN Mailbox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox and Google Mail. You can also import directly from IMAP- or POP3-source, or MBOX pst-file or folder that contains EML- and / or MSG-file. We import functions of MailStore Server is one remarkable feature: when importing from sources such as Microsoft Exchange and IMAP / POP3, you can set up multiple mailboxes. This capability is needed for a great environment. In particular, for Microsoft Exchange: You can import a list of specific mailboxes, a set of public folders or even automatically archive all e-mail coming in and out.
  • MailStore Server directly integrated with Active Directory and Exchange can automatically add new users to the MailStore Server database. You can define import jobs planned, regularly running in automatic mode during off-hours. From MailStore Server archive can be exported to Outlook, Exchange, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Windows Mail or IMAP mailbox. You can also export to EML- or MSG-file, and send all messages via SMTP to the specified address directly burn to CD or DVD-ROM.
  • The search function in the client application allows you to search for different parts of the e-mail message, including the contents of the theme, the body, as well as the priority, the size and the name of the attachment in the attachment content. Search results can be filtered by sender or recipient of an e-mail or by date range. You can also save search criteria for reuse later.
  • administrative tools section – the main administration of the application interface. You can specify which users can import directly from Active Directory, and user preferences. There is also the opportunity to determine the location of the repository, manage search indexes and create a backup copy of the email archive. In this section, you can see statistics about the working and active sessions.

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