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Marmoset Toolbag

Marmoset Toolbag is a real-time renderer with a built-in content editor. This program allows you to get very realistic images by enhancing materials, light, and camera. The program also uses HDRI maps, which allow you to adapt your model to any environment. This program is widely used by 3D artists, visualizers, and game designers.

Main Features:

  • contains various functions for animation, retouching and rendering
  • interact with all 3D model formats
  • have the ability not only to develop projects, but also to publish your developments using the ArtStation platform.
  • This program is designed to get the best results with the least amount of time – just drag the model onto the window and apply a texture to it.
  • The view is updated as you work with the program: the settings of each material and light source are visible in real time, as well as more complex effects such as Ambient Occlusion and DoF.
  • This program will save you from waiting long for the image rendering process.
  • On the official website of the program you can find a lot of useful information, including tutorials on how to use and improve each section in the Toolbag.
  • Automatic mesh update.
  • Volumetric fog.
  • Camera limit settings to export to Viewer.
  • Ability to import lights and cameras from .fbx files.
  • Selectable UV set for emission shaders.
  • Camera limit, support for AO maps, lossless normal maps.
  • Texture distortion and filter options for export.
  • Additive background mixing support.

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