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MEmu Android Emulator size 314 Mb is one of the best emulators of the Android operating system, which allows you to enjoy all these mobile platform applications and games directly on your Windows-based computer. Now, if you want to test a program or only play one of the many interesting games from the Google operating system, then there’s no need to even have a real device. This emulator can be fully adjusted to your preferences and needs. In addition to adjusting the Android system options themselves, there are additional settings, such as selecting screen resolution (up to full screen), placing the navigation bar (up, down, hiding), using a virtual keyboard, getting Root right, etc. It is very convenient that they are implemented separately buttons for screenshots, shake, change screen orientation, clean memory, adjust volume.


  • This program allows you to run applications developed for Android phones and tablets on computers or laptops, while devices that are emulated in terms of performance in games will work faster than current flagship smartphone and tablet models. Of course, this number directly depends on the performance of your PC or laptop.
  • Users can set device parameters emulated in the emulator settings, for example, you can set the number of cores of the emulated processor, screen resolution in pixels, the amount of RAM available, the brand, the model phone number and the IMEI of the mobile device, and root support.
  • MEmu is very similar to the popular Android emulator, BlueStacks, but excels at performance and can use a webcam like an Android device’s camera.
  • The rest of the work with the emulator completely repeats the work with tablets on Android, including the Android settings themselves.
  • Switching between the selected keyboard layout is done by pressing Ctrl + Space (Ctrl + space). It should be noted that there may be a conflict with the Punto Switcher program, so it is better to deactivate it before running the emulator.
  • Losses compared to BlueStacks include the inability to install apk files by simply dragging MEmy (drag-and-drop technology) to the window. But this is not important, because this program sets the apk file association for installation in your ME by default.
  • All applications and games needed can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and synchronize the results with your mobile device. It is possible to install the program using the installer (apk file). Now you cannot worry that there is not enough system resources or the game will slow down. It is recommended to update the video card driver, and if the computer has two video cards, then configure the switch to one of them when running the MEmu emulator to avoid errors.
  • MEmu lets you use shared folders for Music, Videos, Photos and Downloads. You can simulate GPS data directly on the map – all of this is available in the emulator settings, which are called by the corresponding button on the side panel. You can also choose the screen resolution needed in the emulator settings, select RAM and the number of processor cores, create any manufacturer’s name for your virtual tablet – it will be transferred to a program that requires a brand name (Samsung, Sony, iPhone or others)
  • Virtual devices already rutovano, Superuser installed, if needed by someone. Control can be done with a mouse, keyboard, or even a joystick. The default zoom is F2 / F3 or the mouse wheel with the Ctrl key pressed.
  • In addition, with the help of MEmu – Multiple Instance Manager, you can create multiple independent Android devices with their own settings and accounts, create their own manufacturers for each, and even produce different IMEIs.
  • A simple and accessible multilingual interface, Russian language is present, Ukrainian and Russian localizations are presented, such as on Android devices.

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