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Mozilla Firefox 38.0.5 (36.65 Mb) is without doubt the best Web browser. Fast and reliable, easy to use and highly secure browser free. One major advantage of the browser Mozilla Firefox – the flexibility and extensibility. Simple and concise, but at the same time user-friendly interface allows you to master the program within minutes.

Main advantage of Mozilla Firefox:

  • Bookmark Comfortable toolbar, which allows one click to create a bookmark or go to your favorite sites and find the latest news headlines.
  • Integrated search panel you can use to find information about the various search engines. Number of search engines can be improved by installing the necessary plug-ins.
  • Tab. The ability to see and work with multiple sites simultaneously in separate tabs within one browser window.
  • Renewal. In most cases, the size of the update is not more than a few hundred kilobytes.
  • Privacy. One click of the mouse you can remove all the personal data: browsing history, cookies, form data, passwords …
  • Secure Web browsing. Firefox keeps your privacy and protect against viruses, spyware and pop-ups. And with the instant identification of Firefox site blocks access to the site network of criminals, dangerous and counterfeit transactions.
  • High-grade scale. The ability to see every part of the web page in enlarged size.
  • Support for RSS. The ability to create a bookmark.
  • Expansion. Mozilla Firefox – the browser, which has the largest number of additions (plug-ins). You can customize the toolbar to put additional modules and themes. With the help of plug-ins Mozilla Firefox converted from a versatile tool that perfect small compact browser to browse the World Wide Web.

Changes in version:

  • The new integrated HTTP cache
  • Garbage bins Garbage Collector generation integrated file
  • Includes support for secure public key
  • Password Manager now displays metadata password
  • On the toolbar, the search now displays the number of items found
  • Editor add javascript code completion and documentation
  • Implement support for connecting to the HTTP protocol HTTPS proxy
  • Improved performance of Password Manager and the Add-ons Manager
  • Disabled credibility of some of the 1024-bit root certificate
  • Vibration API has been updated with the latest specifications from the W3C
  • -moz-background-inline-policy is replaced by the CSS box-decoration-break
  • Applying the method Array # copyWithin, built-in ECMAScript 6
  • Position: sticky on the CSS is enabled by default
  • drawFocusIfNeeded enabled by default
  • mix-mix-mode is enabled by default
  • The new method is built into the Array: Array.from ()
  • Implemented navigator.languages ​​property ?? and languagechange event
  • In the “Developer Tools” added HiDPI support
  • Inspector button to move to the top left corner
  • New Web Audio Editor
  • Hidden nodes are displayed differently in markup-view
  • Fixed problem with text rendering has been updated KB2670838 (required for MSIE 10)

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