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MSC Adams 2016.0 (1.19 GB) is used to develop and refine the design almost everything that moves – from the mechanical and electro-mechanical simple for cars and aircraft, railway equipment, space vehicles, etc.

A characteristic feature of dignity and Adams software packages are effective and very user-friendly graphical user interface. Using this interface, the user Adams package has the ability to rapidly develop products computational models to build it on the basis of geometric primitives created directly in the preprocessor or on the basis of geometric model parts imported from CAD-systems, set the component connection from the model (elastic, damping, kinematics and et al.) to attach the load calculation run and analyze results. Adams package includes a user interface effective tool for the analysis result that allows to quickly identify ways to improve the calculation models and maximize the intimacy of its properties with the characteristics of a real dynamic process, product or prototype test results of the samples developed physical machine.

Previously, to obtain information about the characteristics of future products work takes weeks, months and in some cases years, required huge funds. Now, Adams uses, you can get an idea of ​​a product that was developed prior to the start of cutting metal or plastic casting for the production of prototypes. Since the early stages of design, you can see how the engine and improve its function. This application allows Adams to explore the dozens, hundreds and even thousands of design options to compare and choose the best, develop and improve future products, spent a lot of time and money in less time than using traditional approaches.

Working with Adams user can:

  • Develop product computational models to learn, as much as possible taking into account the characteristics of their design, including high-performance identity, which in many cases makes it easier to build models of debugging and analysis of results
  • To carry out the calculation of product parameters which determine the efficiency and accuracy of their (displacement, velocity and acceleration of parts, operating expenses, the size of the space required for the moving parts of the machine, etc.)
  • Do parameter optimization of the product.

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