NetLimiter Pro Enterprise Full + Crack

NetLimiter Pro Enterprise

NetLimiter Pro Enterprise is that it allows you to collect statistics about Internet traffic generated by any program, as well as control traffic: Netlimiter allows you to set download / upload speed limits for each application or connection, monitor their network activity. The program maintains detailed statistics in real time, and if desired, for a certain period of time.

Main Features:

  • Monitor traffic and app connections in real time.
  • Ability to block access of selected applications to the Internet.
  • Allows you to prioritize selected application traffic over others.
  • Ability to block or restrict data transfer to the application if the specified limit has been reached.
  • Long term Internet traffic statistics.
  • Limits the maximum data transfer rate for any application running on the PC.
  • Customizable filters: traffic by direction, protocol, IP address, application, etc.
  • Task Scheduler. Enable/disable restrictions and priorities at specific times.
  • Remote administration.
  • User permissions. Assign users who can control Internet traffic.
  • Traffic scheme. Data upload/download speed for the selected application or connection.
  • Informative. Displays various information about the selected connection, application, or filter.

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