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Nextlimit Maxwell Render size 503 Mb is a program for those users who are involved in three-dimensional modeling. This program is a professional and act as a plug-in addition, almost all the major well-known, popular graphics and multimedia editor, designed for 3D modeling and animation. A strong professional application of Maxwell Render will greatly simplify and reduce the time of the making of animation and three-dimensional projects for film, video, advertising and other multmedia and graphics projects. It works with major products such as Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema4D, and others, the list that you see below.

Most animation effects, the most popular films and higher budget our time, you’ve seen on a movie screen, has been made in the program for three-dimensional modeling. This program will give the user the best quality for the least amount of time to create three-dimensional animated characters, which is especially important in the modern digital era, when the highest requirements, to create amazing cinematic effects, within kratchashie allocated to the production of the film-image. This program will be useful for specialists working in the field of architectural design, film production, designers and artists to create multimedia projects.

Main Features:

  • based Reality
    The reality is predictable and reliable results the first time. With Maxwell Render, you can focus your valuable time and energy to create their vision rather than dealing with computer graphics clear, terminology and fine-tuning parameters.
  • accuracy
    Make sure that your simulation really reflect reality. Maxwell Render outstanding accurately reproduce light, so that your content will look like you need, and every detail of the textures and models will be instrumental in providing critical realism.
  • Sophisticated Ray Tracing
    Advanced ray tracing technology, which forms the core of the Maxwell Render Engine is so powerful that it is able to simulate the light, just like in the real world. There are no tricks. Only real world physics. That is why Maxwell Render is the standard imaging quality.
  • physical Sky
    sky physics system in Maxwell Render using a new approach, offering a wide variety of real life, physically correct variables. kontrolirol appearance of the sky and the lighting in your scene. You can control your status in the world (time and place), aspects of the sun, as well as atmospheric conditions.
  • Quick Theme Settings
    Computerized less important, and much cheaper than human time. All Maxwell Render camera approaches the real world, the emitter and the material parameters) aims to improve, to save time on your projects by providing you with accurate, predictable results. Do not waste your precious time on infinity dozens enhance parameters, just set the scene, with a simple arrangement Maxwell – and move on to the next project!
  • Multilight
    Multilight highly appreciated feature. which eliminates the need to re-create the image, when the light changes as needed. Multilight allows you to change the intensity of the lights and the radiator scene, during and after the rendering process, so you can adjust the lighting and install it again and again, keeping as if there are many images of the same scene as you like, all from a single render.
  • Real-Time Preview Scene
    Maxwell FIRE provides direct feedback to the Visualizer, to adjust the lighting materials and camera settings. And unlike other styles interactive renderer Maxwell FIRE is compatible with all materials and functions Maxwell.
  • Realistic camera models
    Cameras in Maxwell Render has all the options you would expect in a real camera – F -Stop, focal length, shutter speed, ISO, aperture size films pitch. This means that the depth of field, exposure and Boken (Exposure) to suit your preferences live recording – compositing makes the scene more quickly and more easily.
  • Examples of memory savings
    An example is a great way to save memory when rendering. At first the object for 10 000 copies of Maxwell Render will consume the same amount of memory for rendering, as if rendering launched only one object. Great copy for creating vegetation, bricks, furniture, or other recurring broad geometry in your scene.
  • Accurate 3D Motion Blur
    Now, Maxwell Render is exactly blur 3D can handle an unlimited number of sub-steps, and can be set to fixed cameras to simulate the long-term effects of exposure, such as light trails, film cameras, to show the effect of blur of fast moving objects. Number of blur is controlled directly from the camera or the shutter speed or the angle of rotation of the shutter.
  • Hair, grass and Fur
    Hair imaging tool is compatible with many of the most popular systems for visualization of hair (in Maya effects of shaving and stizhki, hair, hair in 3ds Max, hair in CINEMA or Ornatrix). Hair Systems are automatically converted to Maxwell Render primitives are highly optimized for speed and memory consumption. primitive actual hair thickness so that every Maxwell material can be applied to it, including, reflective material is transparent.
    Maxwell Render grass Generator lets you quickly create a lawn on the geometry selected. Designed to provide maximum control over the appearance of grass – of detail is perfect when shooting close-ups, to render quickly in the distance from the camera. Compatible with Maxwell Studio, and almost all supported plug-ins.
  • volumetrics
    Features Volume Maxwell can work in several ways: as the density of volumetric constant object – handy to great effect fog atmosphere or thick fog, he can work with files particles in several formats, including RealFlow bin, as well as areas of density / voxel directly from Maya or Houdini.

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