Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Backup & Recovery Compact Full + Keygen


Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Backup & Recovery Compact (147 Mb) is a powerful tool for backup and restore systems and data. Whatever the task in front of you not, from one-time backup selected files, the backup on a schedule for the organization of a comprehensive policy of a regular system of protection, our products will help you to deal with them in a short time. And what will not attack you suffer, Backup & Recovery quickly restore damaged files or an entire operating system from a backup image, if necessary, and on different hardware platforms!


  • backup systems and data
    Use their own innovative backup technology you offer the ability to quickly backup your entire hard disk, individual partitions or selected files and folders. Make a full backup of all computers, and then regularly updated through the mechanism of incremental backup only changed data makes it possible to always have on hand-to-date copy of your data with minimal cost of system resources. Backup & Recovery supports all modern methods of backup: incremental backup and file at the sectoral level, sector-based differences disk, file compliments, and synthetic cyclic archiving. Make a backup images can be stored on local or external storage devices, and network resources. If you work with virtual environments, make sure you try to back up system and data into one virtual container format supported by your hypervisor.
  • comprehensive recovery capabilities
    Emergency? Personal data is lost or damaged as a result of malicious software attacks, or physical damage to your computer? Do not worry, Backup & Recovery will help you to quickly restore the necessary files, each part or the entire operating system and applications from the archive. Linux-based bootable media or WinPE help start the recovery process even if the operating system completely inoperable. If necessary, our products provide the ability to restore to different hardware platforms!
    Through the use of Paragon Adaptive Restore ™ technology completely eliminates the dependence of the operating system from the hardware: Our technology ensures that every version of Windows, starting with Windows XP, to boot on the platform of the new hardware with automatic injection of all required drivers as well as the implementation of a number of other conditions to P2P successful migration.
  • Recovery Media Builder
    Do not despair if your operating system from booting. Only use Paragon emergency operator to fix boot problems, restore the system from the image rezevnoy or copy data from a damaged storage device. New Media Guru Recovery 3.0 is integrated in the installation package and easier to use. With it you can set up a boot environment based on Linux or WinPE to a USB-drive or ISO-image.
    Backups are stored on a network share? No problem – the switch mode for advanced users to configure network connections and pre-mounted network folder for quick access to files immediately after downloading.
  • Not only the backup utility
    You buy a new computer? cozy witch helps you to quickly and easily migrate from Windows-based backup to new hardware. You can be sure that your SSD SSD, hard drive 4K sector size volume or a RAID-array will operate at the highest performance possible thanks to the automatic alignment section *. Support for Windows BitLocker allows you to backup, restore or modify the properties of the encrypted volume using this function. Both technologies create a “snapshot of the system» (Microsoft VSS and Paragon Hot Backup ™) helps protect your Windows computer without disturbing the current activity. Vehicles Universal mount an image (UIM) enables you to mount a virtual container to view its contents and extraction data. After installation access to the archived data is also accessible via Windows Explorer.

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