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Password Cracker 4.14 (1.22 Mb) is a utility to recover passwords (including Internet Explorer). Just hover your mouse over the line with a password and inhospitable star instead of seeing the desired password. A password will be displayed in the window Password Cracker in “Password”, and perhaps in the input field to recover passwords in other programs. For Internet Explorer Password Recovery will also be displayed in the tooltip for the password field.

Reverting to Internet Explorer:
Restore password in the Internet Explorer window. To recover your password, activating elements on a web page, enter a password (ie, simply click on it with the mouse). Password recovery is only displayed in the window Password Cracker. Note: To reset your password, you need to install Internet Explorer 5.0 or older.

Restore all windows:
Password Cracker check whether the control under the cursor contains a password. And restore the password only controls in accordance with the above-mentioned program may contain passwords, other controls are ignored. If the option Password Cracker will try to recover passwords on all controls, regardless of whether it contains a password or not.
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