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PhaseOne Capture One Pro 9.1.2 size 162 Mb is one of the professional converter best digital photos in RAW format, supports a wide range of modern cameras (Canon, Nikon, Epson, Fuji, Konica Minolta, Leica, Mamiya, Olympus, Pentax, Sony), including most models the latest, and provide conversion of the original image in RAW format readable formats JPEG, TIFF, PNG, DNG, and others.

Capture One allows you to use several options for adjusting the same image. As a template used the original RAW, and not the result of the previous adjustment. The work area is divided into several areas. Their number is equal to the number of original digital negativa.Nastroyka white balance processing options using a color and color temperature regulator. In addition, there is a choice of scene modes, for many traditional cameras. You can also use a pipette. The photo shows the path of a neutral gray of the building and white balance.

The program allows to optimize the dynamic range. If a photo is too dark or bright areas, they can show through the restoration of shadows and highlights. You can turn on and off lights illuminate portions of the image and teney.Ustranenie noise in photographs made in two directions. You can suppress the grain and chroma noise. Capturing One Pro is always different from the competitors a unique algorithm to improve image sharpness. Photos that have been converted in the RAW-converter, look a little sharper than the competition.

Capture One Pro is made on the basis of an all-in-one, reducing the need for post-processing of images, which in practice means that the requirement to use Photoshop for image processing. simple tools, simple menu and easily understandable symbols make the complex process of handling RAW-files simple, intuitive and attractive.


  • Import photos from a preview.
  • batch processing images with pre-set preferences.
  • simultaneous conversion of RAW-files in multiple formats.
  • proper support of ICC color profiles.
  • Correcting chromatic aberration, distortion, vignetting and other optical defects of the image.
  • Fine-tuning of color and white balance with the circle.
  • A separate panel to set the color of the skin, with the ability to save presets.
  • The ability to separate global tighten or at a control point directly on the image through color editor.
  • Support for most popular DSLR and digital backs from Phase One.
  • direct capture of images from the camera when connected via cable or Wi-Fi.
  • Support for multiple monitors.

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