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QuarkXPress 2020 16.3.1 is a powerful, on-demand publishing platform with an intuitive interface and extensive tools for word processing, color and graphics management, web page design, and more. QuarkXPress features allow you to integrate layout, design and content creation. QuarkXPress is widely used in book publishers, newspapers and magazines, advertising and marketing agencies, design companies and printers around the world. With unmatched 64-bit performance and a new, flexible design, QuarkXPress is easier and faster to use. QuarkXPress can use all of your RAM to increase performance and provide faster PDF layouts. Building on the popularity of App Studio’s fixed format eBook (ePub) and interactive apps, QuarkXPress includes all the best features for both. QuarkXPress lets you create fixed layout HTML5 eBooks without additional software or additional costs. In addition, projects can be made dynamic and interactive by adding features such as scrollable areas, flip effects, animations and more.

Main Features:

  • ease of laying out plain and multi-column pages with illustrations
  • availability of controls for text flow, multi-column layout, line breaks
  • crop the image and adjust the size of the field
  • the ability to create complex graphics using Bezier curves and paths, as well as frames with illustrations and text, using a variety of fonts and complex paths
  • set the text holder to an invisible grid at a constant pace so that alignment across all columns is done the same way
  • availability of template documents which help to comply with the given layout standards
  • availability of graphics tools that allow you to create simple graphics, as well as edit downloadable graphic files
  • halftone controls and color balance thanks to how to adjust the color of the original layout
  • strong controls for kerning and tracking, protrusion / indentation and alignment, and sub / superscript position; ensure high positioning accuracy
  • the ability to create long documents (books), manuals, etc. (usually they consist of files containing separate chapters that need to be grouped, with the same type of style and continuous page numbering)
  • support for full featured work with tables
  • the QuarkXPress interface simulates a phototypesetting process, where all parameters of each element are predefined
  • support for typographic styles, allowing you to save in the document the printing parameters, according to specific printing capabilities
  • the ability to create Web documents for publication on the Internet
  • the ability to enhance the program by linking integrated modules (Xtensions)
  • ability to import text from popular word processors (MS Word, Word Perfect) with full preservation of formatting and stylistic elements
  • The multilingual version of QuarkXPress Passport allows you to create documents for a multilingual audience, while staying within a familiar interface. It contains connecting and syncing rules and dictionaries for many languages ​​to check spelling.

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