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R-Drive Image OEM Kit 6.0 Build 6005 (101 Mb) is a potent utility providing disk image files for backup or duplication purposes. Disk image file contains the exact copy of a byte-for-byte hard drive, partition or physical disk, can be different compression levels are made in real time. When you create a Windows operating system without shutting down, it will not affect your business. Drive image files can be stored in different locations, such as CD-R (W) / DVD, Iomega Zip or Jazz disks on different removable media.

R-Drive Image in real time to restore the original disk or another partition or even in the mirrored hard disk space available. To restore system and other locked partitions R-Drive Image can create Windows or the utility of switching from a CD or boot disk boot directly to a virtual version of the graphics mode.


If your system because the operating system crash, virus attack or hardware conflicts cause serious data loss, you can use R-Drive images quickly and completely restore the system. If you need to install a lot of the same computer, you can also use R-Drive Image extensive system deployment. In other words, you can manually install the system, create a system image, and then deploy it to all other computers, saving time and costs. If you need to restore only certain files from a disk image, you can connect that image as a virtual disk, and use Windows Explorer or another utility to copy these files directly from the disk image.

R-Drive Image is one of the best backup and disaster recovery solution that can prevent you from losing data after a fatal system failure.

  • A simple wizard interface – no sophisticated computer management skills.
  • Fly actions: Image files can be created in real time, without having to shut down and restart Windows. Before the creation of images, all other disk writes are stored in cache. In addition to the file system partition image, another image file in real-time data can be recovered. Data partitioning system can be restarted in the virtual graphics mode directly from Windows R-Drive Image Restore, or using a boot disk to restore specially created.
  • Compressed image file. Image files can be compressed to save storage space available.
  • It supports removable media. Image files can be stored on removable media.
  • Start version. You can use the bootable version to mirror, restore or copy a partition locked by the operating system. Users can reboot directly from Windows systems, external USB devices, CD / DVD or 6 disk, insert the boot version. Start Edition supports a graphical user interface, if the card does not support a graphical user interface, you can use the pseudo-graphic mode. Modern computer support UEFI booting.
  • Start USB version 2.0 and 3.0 support. With hard drive prices lower, with appropriate external IDE-USB 2.0 hard disk drive or a 3.0 hard drive enclosure ideal preservation system and file backups other partitions (fast and reliable) solution, and the system partition is just starting to be restored version. No longer have to use a lot of unreliable CD discs and slow CD / DVD burner up. Remember: with the incremental backup, this hard drive is not too big.
  • Start version network support. R-Drive Image bootable version supports disk image file creation and restoration (CIFS protocol) through the Microsoft network.
  • The extended version of the list of supported devices start. R-Drive Image bootable version supported hardware list has been expanded. See the list
    Image files can be connected as a virtual disk read-only. These disks can be found and copy files / folders for browsing.
  • Restore individual files and folders. Reduced by reducing operating to or from an image file as a virtual disk connected individual files and folders, not the entire disk.
  • Split image files. Figure drive can be divided into several files to fit a storage medium.
  • Mirroring protection. The disk image file can be password-protected and contain comments.
  • Create a new partition. In the data disk image can be restored to any location on the hard drive available (not partitioned) space. The size of the restored partition can be changed.
  • Substitute partition. Disk mirroring data can be restored to another existing partition. R-Drive Image to delete the partition and restore data in the available space.
  • Disk-to-disk copy. The whole disc can be copied directly to another disk.
  • Verification image file. Before you save the image file or image file to restore the data, you can check whether the image file a whole.
  • Daily scheduler. Disk mirroring can make a plan, and is used in unattended mode.
  • Making the script frequent or unattended operation. And the actual implementation of the same operation, and data to create an image file to an existing image file created from the script such as R-Drive Image interface. Script from the command line and the command can be inserted in a command file.
  • Action Report. When disk image is successfully created or the operation fails, it will automatically send a report via e-mail or an external application can be launched.
  • Ref support (Resilient File System, an elastic file system), Microsoft introduced a new local file system in Windows 2012 Server. Supports all operations except for resizing disk partitions beyond.
  • Full support GPT partition settings. R-Drive Image can create a GPT disk, resize and copy / restore partition is set to transform their operations.
    Storage space supports Windows (Windows 8 / 8.1 and 10), the Linux Logical Volume Manager and MacRAID.

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