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R-Wipe & Clean 10.8 Build 1979 Corporate size 7.96 Mb is a program for the elimination of the recoverable data from the hard disk with ample opportunities. Among the features: clean file and .dat files (including those used by the system), deletion of records in the MFT and many more are needed to destroy traces of activity on the computer. In addition to clearing space on the disk (including the elimination of the remaining cluster of previously deleted files), R-Wipe & Clean also lets you delete the selected files and folders by clicking the right mouse button (program adds Windows Explorer context menu shortcut of their “Delete and Wipe” and “Add to Lap List”), remove various temporary files, including Temporary Internet Files, and a list of open documents in a variety of applications, etc. It supports both FAT, NTFS and.


Maintain confidentiality:

  • Verify and select information before wiping can be fixed.
  • Clean and delete temporary Internet files.
  • complete removal of cookies – small files that are stored on your computer when you visit a Web site to make it easier to see them. At the same time your favorite cookies may be.
  • Wipe and delete Flash cookies – small files that are stored on your computer when you visit a website.
  • Clean and remove Java and Microsoft VM.
  • Clean autocomplete forms: user names, passwords, and other personal information entered at web sites and keywords entered at search engines.
  • Clear history of visited pages.
  • Clean the list of recently opened documents.
  • Clean list of open files.
  • To delete the contents of the Windows clipboard.
  • Clean and delete temporary files created by Windows and other programs.
  • Clean System Registry: run list, search results, mapped network drives, attached peripheral devices, last opened Registry key, etc.
  • complete removal from the list of most frequently used programs, stored in the system registry program, menu links and icons, Control Panel items, Favorite Web pages, and Internet Explorer Start button.
  • Wipes dat files (including locked) incorrect information about your Windows settlement.
  • complete removal of the content offline.
  • Clean activity traces from more than 200 applications, including Microsoft Office, standard Windows, and numerous popular programs. Applications are installed automatically detected.
  • Create a schedule to remove traces of activity from any application that R-Wipe & Clean currently does not support. The list may include application working and temporary folders and files, and registry keys.
  • complete removal of the Windows swap file.
  • complete removal of the label that is on your desktop but are not linked to existing objects.
  • Clearing Windows event log.
  • Clearing the Windows firewall.
  • Clean links to a network folder recently.
  • Clean and delete temporary files and files, dump files, memory, old Check Disk log file.
  • complete removal of the files in the prefetch folder.
  • Clean the list of files and folders, defragmentation.
  • Deleting Stored Settings Windows Explorer.
  • Clean stored application descriptions.
  • Clean stored in the cache fonts and icons installed application running.
  • Clean and remove Windows Update.
  • Wipe and delete WMI, diagnostics, and security management logs.
  • Clean stored network passwords.
  • Clean stored in the cache memory tab additional applications.
  • Clean stored addresses of unread mail.
  • Clean stored folder, FTP.
  • Clean stored Start Menu.
  • Clean stored in the cache Desktop Windows desktop.

Complete removal of the file:

  • Support for FAT and NTFS file systems.
  • Wipes files using algorithms are efficient and reliable, including DOD. Files can be deleted directly from Windows Explorer.
  • Create a list of files and folders that can be removed at a time. Add file system object in the list directly from Windows Explorer.
  • Wipes propose alternative data streams.
  • complete removal of the free part of the cluster beam.

Disk Cleanup:

  • Support for FAT and NTFS file systems.
  • Wipes unused disk space using an algorithm that is efficient and reliable, including DOD.
  • Wipes unused disk space tab R-Wipe & Clean point in the disk Properties.
  • Wipes unused space of several disks through a single wipe task.
  • Wipe records of small files stored directly in the NTFS Master File Table.


  • Various problems R-Wipe & Clean can be combined into one or more procedures launched manually or at a specific time or a specific event in automatic mode (for example, at the entrance / exit of the system on / off Windows, shut down all or ANY or browser, etc)
  • Purpose R-Wipe & Clean can be run from the command line.
  • When the schedule is set, erasing procedure is done automatically in the background.
  • After the procedure, the computer can be automatically turned off.

Additional features:

  • Detailed information about the online activities and offline on your computer.
  • Set button (shortcut) to immediately close your web browser.
  • The pop-up blocker PopUp maximum.
  • Stealth mode.
  • Systems integration: most of the operations can be performed directly from Windows.
  • Set a password to start R-Wipe & Clean.
  • Control switches to standby mode: your computer will not hibernate until the completion of the R-Wipe & Clean.
  • Customization: R-Wipe & Clean.
  • aid Startup Manager to rename Rename folder / file is locked by an application or Windows. It also allows you to view and edit the list of files / folders to be replaced by another program during the next Windows.

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