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Red Giant Effects Suite 11.1.9 size 152 Mb is a One mulimediya best software package designed to create a fantastic, incredible special effects, which will be a great addition in the design of video film or video. Using multimedia software Red Giant Effects Suite, you can create various lighting effects, the effects of natural phenomena such as snowfall, flash fire and smoke, as well as three-dimensional effect and the effect of science fiction and mystery films. Media combined program in obolchka Red Giant Effects Suite, operate and as a plug-in for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro and is positioned as a software multi-media for professionals, but even beginners can try their hand using a program that will make your author project multimedia.

After all, the use by multmmediya like – a professional program can guarantee stunning results and as a result of working in such applications is to make the most of the unknown, for the current blockbuster, the most popular movies of our time. So anyone, even novice users, if elementanyh knowledge of English and experience with similar programs, can try their hand in the development of digital product data, create their own unique video clips, or homemade movies saturated amazing special effects.


  • Composite Wizard 04.01.13 is designed for After Effects is a tool and an image merging seamlessly. Composite Wizard includes more than 20 filters, and helps soften the rough edges and fuzzy masks, as well as balancing the color scheme. Composite Wizard allows you to automate most of the color correction effect, seamlessly connects the boundaries of the image and eliminates unwanted artifacts using filter Wire / Rig Zapper, Miracle AlphaCleaner and Denoiser. Spill Equipment Killer eliminate bright spots in the image are integrated.
  • Red Giant Holomatrix 1.2.7 – a plugin for After Effects, allows you to control the virtual reality created and special effects to create different complexity. This solution includes more than 30 customizable effects, change an ordinary tape into animated sci-fi hologram depicting poor reception TV signal and create realistic digital signals. With holographic Holomatrix can recreate scenes from ‘Star Wars’ or make the actors look like a ghost from the ‘Harry Potter’. The effect is exciting to work with the logo and other elements of the dynamic charts. Thanks Holomatrix instrument may give the appearance fantastic video using various effects and mode.
  • Image Lounge 1.4.13 is a module for After Effects, which includes more than 20 filters to convert images and create the effect of fire, smoke and water, giving a unique style for each recording. With Image Lounge can add realistic shadows, movement, color display or use defocus blur and image, creating the effect of shooting with a film camera. It allows you to add a three-dimensional image of the object or text element, as well as simulating distortion characteristic of water, hot air, steam and other effects. It is possible to produce solar flares, explosions, smoke or catch fire background picture fiery. Implemented in Figure Lounge Fractal Clouds filter helps create clouds of all shapes and types, as well as ‘hypnotic tunnel’.
  • Knoll Light Factory 3.0.7 – plugin used to create lighting effects, mostly glare – a reflection of a bright light source, such as from the sun. Securities consist of flare, glare, rainbow, reflection can bring artistic effect and illustrate a special entertainment. All securities have a flexible configuration, and designers, create your own effects, it may be necessary to connect its tuning. The effect can be used to create logos and other text effects.
  • PlaneSpace 1.4.8 (formerly Digital Anarchy 3D Assistants Pro) is a tool for managing the individual layers in multi-layer effects. PlaneSpace held a three-dimensional level of the entire three-dimensional space in a desired shape without the need for complex keyframes or mathematics. Users can create keyframes to animate the position or orientation of the layers, creating an object that is really complex in three-dimensional format. Number PlaneSpace a manageable level, only limited by the processing capacity.
  • Psunami 1.4.8 (formerly Digital Anarchy Psunami Air) is a plug-in for After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Avid. It allows you to simulate photorealistic water surfaces. Psunami generate an accurate three-dimensional geometry of the surface of the sea, which is similar to real water – on the surface of calm water for surging waves in the open ocean. It has about a hundred options. Psunami used in many films, television programs and video promotions.
  • Text Anarchy 2.4.7 (formerly Digital Anarchy Text Anarchy) is a plug-in for After Effects, which includes a variety of filters to create animated text effects. Implemented in Anarchy Text tool allows to build a given text on a curve, create animations from one character to another, using the particle effect. Supports the Latin alphabet, Cyrillic fonts and characters.
  • ToonIt 2.1.7 (formerly Digital Anarchy ToonIt!) Is intended to give effect, cartoon or picture frames hand. It helps to explore the image, reducing the number of colors and determine the boundaries of the object. ToonIt performing facial recognition and preservation of facial features to create the effect. Composition ToonIt four filters included that help simulate various painting techniques. ToonIt Toonamation uses a unique algorithm for image processing technology and creating a multiplier effect. Release of this time-consuming techniques like rotoscoping and hand-coloring.
  • Warp 1.1.7 is a module for After Effects, Premiere Pro and Avid, and includes six power modules provide comprehensive control over shadows, reflections and distorted video. Tool shadow make realistic shadows for text or objects captured on a solid background, Reflection tool creates a realistic reflection. Radium Light, Light and Light Edge Lite is designed to add a sophisticated glow and flicker effects for each project. On the Corner Pin tool can help you work with a distorted picture, import data from Mocha for After Effects, and add the necessary transformation and effects to achieve realism. Warp allows you to take video of the defect source and add it to the other videos in high quality. Radium Light Plug-in has been removed from sale due to integration into the Warp.

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