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Red Giant Keying Suite 11.1.7 (78.25 Mb) is a multimedia package of professional tools designed to work seamlessly with the insert that will priidat realism sozdavaemlmu media projects. You need to simulate the effects of hair development, or transparent, translucent glass, then this will help you a bunch of Primatte Keyer and Key correctly, they will solve all the problems of the most challenging of the insert in the shortest time possible. Make recordings to include in Primatte Keyer, use tools Key right, and then you can tweak the mask Right Key to increase in pixels, the program After Effects.

Keying (from keying England -. The management, the key work) – the process of combining two or more images or frames in a single composition. The most widely used technology in the industry and gets on TV. The core of the technology lies in the fact that during the filming of an object placed on a monochrome colored background. When combined in a frame with a background object or scene during recording, or during the installation, not monochromatic backgrounds can put another picture.

Usually Kieng perform compositing expert in the same program, which makes the final composite, ie, the frame assembly in section (layer). The main objective when keying – is to remove the colored background and get what is called a mask (matte). It is through this mask, Compositing-Artist (Specialist compositing) could impose the desired background color instead of the background that the shooting was carried out.

Keying Suite includes:

  • Key right is a set of 15 plug-ins that can be used in combination with any modulation to soften alpha channels, align foreground and background color, repair lines and clear noise. The solution is integrated with Key True Color Matcher filter, which helps improve every scene. Allows you to adjust the level of color saturation and minimize change the background color, transparency video provides color and opacity of each section.
  • Primatte Keyer – is a professional tool that quickly extracts layers from various background colors. This module has a high level of strength and speed to After Effects, Avid and Final Cut Pro. Primatte Keyer features include easy to use automatic settings that make high-quality images with one click. Primatte Keyer functions help to overcome the challenges of working with layers, such as uneven lighting, compression artifacts, subtle shadows and soften the edges. This solution provides better control of the composition for light control functionality.
  • Warp – Plugin for After Effects, it includes three powerful modules that provide comprehensive control over shadows, reflections and distorted video. Tool shadow make realistic shadows for text or objects captured on a solid background, Reflection tool creates a realistic reflection. On the Corner Pin tool can help you work with a distorted picture, import data from Mocha for After Effects, and add the necessary transformation and effects to achieve realism. Warp allows you to take video of the defect source and add it to the other videos in high quality. Radium Light Plug-in has been removed from sale due to integration into the Warp

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