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Red Giant Universe 2.0 (768 Mb) is an impressive collection of multimedia plug-ins from Red Giant companies. This app is designed for video directors, editors, media master kontekta, the VFX-artists. multimedia software plug-in offers the user the opportunity to work with high quality and professional tools for video editing, film and video professionals, and graphic animation. Multimedia plugin Universe using GPU-acceleration of your PC and rabotatayut as applications for professional graphics and media products, such as; After Effects, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, and DaVinci Resolve. Very pleased with the Universe library users constantly updated and added new effects and transitions.

Red Giant Premium Universe has more than 30 new effects and transitions, and now provides you with more than 100 plug-ins: 51 tools and 50 premium free plugin (additional tools being added regularly). Also adds support for DaVinci Resolve version 11.1 and above


This update includes a new tool – a component that instantly creates HUD Heads Up Display elements for use in motion graphics. Packed with many presets, elements of form and behavior, to create a variety of effects. You can quickly add animation Heads Up Display elements in motion graphics, animation, interface and visual effects shots.

  • Presets
    Instantly add one of 27 fully-customizable preset HUD components, that include ready-to-go animations and elements.
  • Create & Animate
    HUD Components includes more than 55 element types and more than 10 customizeable behavior patterns that you can build from. Elements can be cloned for complex visuals, while animations can be seamlessly looped and randomized.
  • Composite & Render
    Integrate HUD Components into your work with control for glow, noise, motion blur and blend modes.
  • Line
    The new Line tool makes it simple to generate a line between two points with options to draw it as a curving bezier path or straight line. Change the color and style of the line and the points and choose how they animate over time. Useful for simulating flight paths, travel indicators on a map, and a variety of other motion graphics. Create an animated straight or curved line between two points, with elements that move along that path. Useful for flight path simulations, drawing paths on maps, and a variety of other motion graphics projects.
  • Create
    The Line tool can create one of 4 different kinds of lines: A straight or curved line between 2 points, as well as a 3-point and 4-point bezier curve. The line shape can be tweaked for more or less curve.
  • Stylize
    Choose elements for the start and end point, and a primary shape to animate along the path – all with control for color and opacity. Add dashes to your line, and control the size and distance. Add a customizable secondary line and shape for a more complex look.
  • Animate
    Set your line to automatically draw on screen over a set time, or animate the transition on manually. Independently animate your primary and secondary shape along the line’s path. Add customizable blinking to help draw attention to your line.
  • Logo Motion
    Instantly add dynamic animation to your logos and text. Bring your imagery on and off the screen with a hinge style swing, slide on, or a slightly eased in and out of “pop.”
  • Instant Motion Graphics
    Apply Logo motion and choose from more than 15 customizable presets that auto-animate your layer appearing on screen, idling and exiting.
  • Idle Behavior
    So your layer doesn’t just hang around doing nothing once it arrives, choose from more than 5 idle time behaviors such as springy, wobble, pivot, and hover to keep things in motion at all times.
  • Take Control
    Build your animation from scratch or tweak preset animation with controls for speed, scale, position, and idle time behavior. Use motion blur and more to bring more realism and life to your work.

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