Reg Organizer 9.0 Full + Patch

Reg Organizer 9.0

Reg Organizer 9.0 is going to provide you with the necessary tools for proper and good setup of Windows, it is possible to edit configuration files and clean the hard drive of various junk that accumulates there from time to time.

Reg Organizer’s interface is as convenient as possible, for example, you can edit the registry, search and change keys in it, quickly navigate through entries, and so on. Reg Organizer optimizes the registry in two ways, initially compressing it, and then defragmenting it, this leads to maximum effect.

If we consider the compression process, then when using it, various entries will be removed from the registry, during defragmentation, all file fragments will be combined, this will speed up the launch of the registry itself.

Reg Organizer can fine-tune system settings, for example, you can completely remove unnecessary programs, this will be done by taking a snapshot of the OS, it is done before installing the software and after that, then all traces will be removed, it is also possible to customize the interface. You will also be able to monitor any changes in the system registry, this is also done via snapshots.

Main Features:

  • Registry editor to view and edit the system registry, allowing you to perform various operations with system registry keys and values, export and import key values, etc.
  • Registry cleaner to find unnecessary entries in the registry, as well as to find and fix problems in the registry.
  • The search function in the registry allows you to find keys related to the application you are interested in and delete them if necessary. This is useful, for example, in cases when the application does not have an uninstall program, and after “manual” removal, unnecessary entries remain in the registry, which can cause other applications to malfunction. At the same time, Reg Organizer performs a deeper search and often allows you to find even the keys associated with this application that other similar programs will not find.
  • Ability to change many Windows “fine settings” (tweaks). In particular, you can speed up your system by telling the system to use more cache memory, or by having the system clear unused libraries from memory, etc.
  • Ability to receive information about any registry key and monitor changes in it.
  • Preview registry files (*.reg) before importing their contents, including directly from Explorer. When viewing an imported .reg file, its contents are presented in the form of a tree structure, which allows you to visualize all the keys that will be imported into the registry.
  • Registry search and replacement mode is an easy-to-use tool to find (and, if necessary, modify) registry keys or settings that match the search criteria.
  • Built-in function to uninstall any app. It can take a “snapshot” of the system before and after installing the application, after which you can completely “roll back” the changes made to the system, as if the application was not installed.
  • Disk Cleanup tool allows you to automatically clean your computer’s hard drive of various unnecessary files, as well as search for and repair invalid shortcuts.
  • Configuration file management. With Reg Organizer you can open and edit (add, change, delete keys/sections) INI files from various programs.
  • Import new configuration file types into the program. Using the Import Pane, you can define a new configuration file type, then load a file of this type and work with it just like a file with a known format, allowing you to apply editing and modification operations to it.

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