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RegRun Security Suite Platinum (33.45 MB) is a multifunctional set of tools to optimize and configure the operating system, and monitor registry and file system for any suspicious changes. Control program is described in the registry or file system startup. Monitor registry and configuration file to boot Windows and report any suspicious changes in it, making it possible to effectively detect the Trojan. Another feature of RegRun – to create a special configuration file, allowing you to set your own parameters and debug running Windows.

The core of this program is StartUp Manager that provides user access to processes startup programs, registry keys function analysis, and VXD INI file to change them, as well as the ability to produce a clean start the operating system.

Resident Monitor (Watch Dog) and system file protection utility changes (File Protection System) in the song list of the startup registry and system files during the entire session, Windows, and the detection of changes to allow rollback.


In addition, the program is able to realize the batch and delayed the launch of the program are required to interact with the package of the most popular anti-virus and warn users of the need to check them for viruses or other files they, displays a list of all currently open files, Registry Assistant is a utility to the registry and Blacklist feature to automatically block the launch of a new application. There is also a database application (Application Database), using the Watch Dog utility monitors running applications and if you have any questions notify the user.

Composition RegRun Security Suite Platinum includes the following utilities:

  • Partizan – find and remove rootkits at boot time;
  • UnHackMe – protection against hidden rootkits and Trojans;
  • Bootlog XP – the best analyzer downloads Windows,
  • Start Control – control programs that run in conjunction with Windows;
  • Registry Guard – protection against changes registry keys launch Windows;
  • Startup Optimizer – the elimination of useless and dangerous applications from Windows start-up menu;
  • Advanced Startup Optimizer (Windows Core Components) – deletion of useless and dangerous applications from Active Setup;
  • Safe Start – ¬ęsafe start” – analyzes the registry before you start Windows and notification of the change;
  • Network Connection Monitor – control access to Internet applications and software;
  • Clean Boot – a convenient alternative to (“Safe Mode”) safe mode Windows;
  • Watch Dog – control startup programs throughout the session Windows,
  • File Protection System – System File Protection from viruses, Trojans,
  • Infection Detector – monitoring changes during Rabo Windows files that can undergo a virus attack;
  • Application Database – basic commonly used, as well as malicious software;
  • Antivirus Coordinator – install anti-virus software to detect and use them to scan files and folders;
  • Process Manager – Process Control;
  • File System Editor – similar to SysEdit, but it is much more convenient;
  • Launch Soon – delay in starting programs – useful on slower machines;
  • Used Files – control over open files;
  • File Extension Manager – manage the file extension;
  • Registry Assistant – look for changes in the registry;
  • Registry Tracer – checking selected registry keys;
  • Run Job – allows you to run several programs at the same time;
  • Restoring Winsock2 – Remove Adware;
  • Substitution Detector – detection substitution Trojan file system;
  • Rescue – the rapid recovery of the registry;
  • RunGuard – analysis of scripts and programs before starting;
  • Trojan Analyser – monitor suspicious processes;
  • WinCleaner – clears the cache;
  • Bootlog Analyser – tips when you start Windows;
  • Registry Compressor – compressing the registry.

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