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RogueKiller size 17.58 Mb is a product to protect your system from malicious programs, especially for inexperienced users like it, so it will help to eliminate or remove difficult to remove malware conventional development. After running the utility, can easily stop the action of the malicious processes, it will allow you to have your hands and knowledge to remove them, or use various other methods the team is complete.

RogueKiller utility can also restore your HOSTS file, this also applies to DNS and proxy servers, they often change due to the action of various types of malicious programs. The developers recommend RogueKiller after work, run Anti fully test the system and remove malicious software.

This utility does not require installation, run anywhere, work fast enough, seemed very fast, it shows good results. The interface as simple as possible, in general, everything you see in this picture it, nothing else, the right button allows you to perform the desired operation in the middle as possible to observe the process. The developers did their best to make life easier for users.

Main Features:

  • heuristic modules, as well as black / white list for known threats / false positives.
  • Rootkit detection: interceptions utility is able to recover SSDT, Shadow SSDT, IRP Hook and Inline hooks.
  • Detection and treatment of the files are overwritten by the rootkit.
  • Detection and treatment of hazardous MBR.
  • Detection and treatment records DNS spoofing, HOSTS and proxy settings.
  • Disposal of counterfeit labels, symbolic links used by malware.
  • Opposition to the different methods to hide malware, whether the substitution of system drivers, or trick-library DLL with substitution and other extensions.
  • Completion of the process.
  • Stop the service.
  • Unload DLLs from memory.
  • Remove startup items, such as Registry keys (RUN / RunOnce, …), Task Scheduler (Scheduler 1.0 / 2.0) from the Startup folder.

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