Rohos Logon Key 3.2 Full + Serial Key


Rohos Logon Key 3.2 (10.28 Mb) is the program offers a convenient way to protect access to the computer using a USB key instead of the usual password. It’s convenient – access is fast and automatically – although Windows is still protected by strong passwords.

Access protection via USB dongle for:

  • Laptop or personal computer with any Windows
  • Windows Active Directory
  • Novell e-Directory
  • Windows Remote Desktop

Benefits of protection using a USB key:

  • Replace weak password authentication to physical USB key. Usually the login password can be disabled
  • Increased security of Windows through a more complex password than you normally use
  • Passwords are automatically sent to the system with USB key
  • Convenient self-locking computer – if you disable the USB flash drive. Back – Plug a USB drive, and you go back to work without being disturbed by password
  • two-factor authorization: Physical USB Key + PIN code
  • Use a USB Key for access to home and work computers
  • Deny access to computer based on USB Key / time factor
  • Windows is protected even in Safe Mode
  • Set a password for your account allows you to set the protection of powerful computer in sleep mode


  • Rohos Logon Key stored on a USB drive (key) for 64 profile entry authorization on any PC or a networked PC (where the program is installed).
  • The program integrates into Windows logon configuration
  • Sign in to your home computer
  • Sign in to the workstation, which is part of the Active Directory (Windows Domain) or Novell Netware services
  • Access to Remote Desktop on Windows Terminal Server.
  • A computer running Windows Vista
  • A computer can be locked or user session can be completed (Log off), immediately disconnected from the USB key to the USB port.
  • Protection works even in Safe Mode.
  • Job without a USB key – allows for a few minutes, remove the USB key without locking the computer. For example, if your computer has only one USB port available, and users want to include other devices, and USB Key for a while disabled. After this time the computer is locked (see option USB_REMOVAL).
  • Complete replacement of password authentication. This feature allows you to sign in to your account only via a USB key.
  • USB Key can be configured to store the password in an encrypted format instead of the Windows password. The USB key does not require a PIN security code.
  • USB key management utility allows you to quickly and easily configure the USB key to hundreds of users.
  • This program does not replace msgina.dll, do not bring additional compatibility issues
  • Supports password policy updates; USB keys synchronized with a new password
  • Enhanced Protection USB Key
  • USB Key can not be forged. This program prevents key duplication
  • Every logon-profile attached to the serial number of the USB drive
  • Password protection: By default, the USB key is not contained Windows password in plain text
  • two-factor authentication using a PIN code. USB key can be protected by a PIN code; PIN code on the phone – 3 wrong attempts and keys are locked. This makes the PIN code is a password that is long good substitute.
  • USB key created by the company, can not be changed on your home computer.

Key USB options:

  • USB flash drives are compatible with USB
  • U3 smart USB flash drive
  • Biometric Flash Drives
  • SD memory card / MMC
  • IPOD (or MP3 player)
  • USB token: Aladdin eToken, SafeNet Ikey, Crypto Identity, ePass, ruToken and other permit PKCS11
  • wireless mobile devices, such as Bluetooth Phone / Pocket PC
  • Yubikey

Download: Turbobit

Zip Password: haxdown



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