Rollback Rx Professional 12.0 Build 2707745417 Full + Serial Key

Rollback Rx Professional 12.0 Build 2707745417

Rollback Rx Professional 12.0 Build 2707745417 is a program designed to create so-called system “snapshots”, which, if necessary, can be used to restore and recover data that was accidentally lost if the computer was infected with a virus and the changes that have occurred. made to the system by recently installed programs, etc.

RollBack Rx restores not only files, but also system settings, including registry, desktop, security, user management, etc. With the help of the program, you can go back hours, days, weeks and even months, searching for the desired system state.

“Snapshots” can be created at the request of the user or automatically, according to a predefined schedule. RollBack Rx is a leading computer protection utility. This program uses advanced technology that was not previously used to protect the computer from viruses or system problems.

RollBack Rx enables computer users, regardless of their skill level, to quickly and easily solve problems with their computers in seconds. By using this program, both casual users and professionals in the field of information technology will be able to save their time and money.

Whether you are an administrator, MIS (management information system) specialist, technical coordinator, secretary, teacher, software tester, librarian or a novice home user, with the help of the proposed program you can save time and money and solve your computer problems.

RollBack Rx allows users of any level to restore their computers. RollBack Rx has powerful features and is easy to use. This program eliminates the need to make backup copies or save duplicate images of your hard drive.

With the help of the proposed program, users and/or administrators will be able to take a snapshot of the entire system at any given time. You can take as many pictures as you need.

Main Features:

  • RollBack Rx does not affect performance
  • Can be managed remotely and deployed (Enterprise version)
  • RollBack Rx™ takes up only 0.1% of your hard drive space.
  • Support for almost unlimited snapshots.
  • Takes less than 3 seconds to create a new image.
  • Make a complete snapshot of the system without restarting the system.
  • Create new snapshots manually, automatically or when the file is executed.
  • Recover corrupted or deleted files from any snapshot easily and quickly.
  • Restore history files in any of the 60,000 snapshots.
  • Recovers a completely crashed system from any snapshot in seconds.
  • Restore the entire system to one of 60,000 snapshots.
  • Set the system to automatically restore to a snapshot of your choice.
  • Highly customizable interface – program interface can be hidden from end users.
  • Enable dynamic disk space management. Free up unused disk space by deleting snapshots.
  • Contains intelligent disk space monitoring, informing users about disk space usage of each snapshot.
  • Offers flexible and robust access control.
  • Support for multiple operating systems.
  • Consists of several sections of protection selection.
  • Integrates quick basic level system reset.
  • Supports all standard deployment options.
  • Includes configuration during installation. Allows you to customize the program during installation and more…

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