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Secret Disk 3.08 (5.08 Mb) is a program to create a secure disk on your computer, which can be locked and unlocked with a password to keep your personal files. When locked Secret Disk, it really invisible with all contents. When open Secret Disk, you can see it in the computer as usual (one) drive. You can store files and folders there, as usual. It works with any software, games and media, no need to buy extra cost!

For example, you share a computer between the members of your family, but you still want to have some private files on it. Or you just do not want to avoid the random (if your computer is being renovated) find secret files on your computer. There are many programs that can encrypt / decrypt your secret files, but it can take some time if you have lots of files. Our solution lets you have separate disk on your PC, which can be locked and unlocked with a password within one second! In addition, when closing the disc becomes completely invisible in Windows.

How does it work?
Just install Secret Disk and choose a password. Then start Secret Disk. Click Enable, enter your password, and you’ll see one more disk X: appears in My Computer. Now you can start with your personal files to keep them secret disk X. When you need protection Click to lock secret disk icon in the system tray and will disappear within one second and everything on it! If you want to get your files back, just open a secret program disc, press the unlock button and enter your password. Very easy!

power failure:
In case of power failure Secret Disk Windows or rejection will be locked on next system boot. This happens automatically, because the confidential information stored in the memory disk and if memory fails secret disk will not be restored at the next logon. This provides maximum protection for your files on the disk.

100% Compatible:
Secret Disk is compatible with files and folders. You can work with him, as usual, like the folder “My Documents”.

Security Level:
Secret Disk does not encrypt the files. Secret Disk only limit access to secret location with virtual disk files and bind to it when needed. This will give you enough security to hide your files from accident person taking control of the PC, but does not guarantee top level security (because files stored on disk “as” without encryption).

What’s new:
In this release, we have made a very big step forward in quality. Our program will now be tracking errors that may appear in our product and report it to us. Just think: you see some error messages, and, as a rule, you can not do anything, but … in the background … in a few seconds, our engineers will receive notification of errors. And we will start working to find the cause and find a solution. We hope that this new feature will reduce the amount of problems with our products, as well as to minimize the error messages that make our high-quality software not only in words. This function does not require any further action on your side, and there is no regulation at all.
Download: Turbobit + Katfile

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