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SketchUp Pro 2016 16.1.1450 with size 124 Mb is an easy to use application that will help you learn to create 3D models of residential buildings, hangars, garages, roofs, various extensions to their homes, and even spaceships. With SketchUp, you can easily add details, change the texture, the size of your model, industrial objects with great accuracy, and is ready to put the model on the service Google Earth, share them with others by posting it on a website or printed copies. Google SketchUp is a great way to find out if you like 3D-modeling.

SketchUp includes the following tools:

  • Drawing and Geometric Modelling: Polygon (Polygon), FollowMe (a tool to create simple and complex shapes – circles, ovals, squares, Offset (comparable with the tools to build a small copy of the object), and Intersect with Model;
  • Construction: Dimension (Dimension), Tape Measure (Enable measure roulette), protractor (Inclusion protractor), Section Iris (Select section), Layers (Layers), Area Length Calculation (Calculation of area and length).

SketchUp allows you to:

  • Draw, edit, measure, rotate, and scale geometric shapes
  • Sharing a 3D model of the part to see and resolve the internal parts
  • To apply textures to the model prepared or create new ones
  • Increase its shelf model components such as trees, cars, doors, windows, people, or create new ones
  • Retouch, soften facial features
  • Simulate shadows in real-time anywhere in the world
  • Simulate the placement of video cameras
  • To perform a web-travel
  • Create a trip – presentation
  • Export-dimensional graphic files (JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP TGA …..) In 3D-model (0.3 DS Dem DDF DWG DXF UPC …..)
  • Export-dimensional images of the model (JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF ….)
  • Print the image pattern
  • Involved in the development of additional applications for the program with the help of the Ruby language.

Main Features and Functions:

  • Edges and Faces (edges and faces): Every SketchUp model consists of two things: edges and faces. Straight-line edge, the edge – simple two-dimensional shapes, which can be obtained from the intersection of the lines. For example, the face has four rectangular ribs, which are interconnected at right angles. To build models in SketchUp, there are some basic tools that you will learn in a short time.
  • Push / Pull: Quickly move from 2D to 3D: Using Push / Pull tool, you can quickly transfer any flat surface into a three-dimensional image. This option is to create and adjust the thickness of the object fingur volume. Just press the button, move your mouse and press the button to stop. So maybe, just by drawing the contour of the ladder, move it to 3D. Similarly, a window in the wall. Push / Pull – reason SketchUp is considered easy to use program.
  • measurement accuracy: When you work on your computer, everything you create in SketchUp can be measured accurately. To do this, there is a design tool. In addition, the scale model can be printed on paper or export them to other programs, for example, AutoCAD and 3ds MAX.
  • Follow Me: Follow Me Using a 3D-shape created by drawing a 2D surfaces along predetermined paths. You can create three-dimensional images of the bottle for half of the design, it is possible to equip the edges of this layout as handrails, furniture and electronic gadgets.
  • Paint Bucket: When you build your model, you can use the appropriate color to fill the individual parts or the entire layout, draw the model with the necessary color and texture.
  • Groups and Components (Groups and Components): In order to clarify the type of volume parts of objects, use the Groups tool, you can create sub-objects that are easier to move, copy and hide. Components (components) that many such groups, but with a twist: the copied elements are connected together, so changes you make to one component, shown on all the others. Windows, doors, chairs and millions of other components of the model can be changed by changing just one.
  • Shadow (Shadow): Drawing the shadows in SketchUp can be simple and accurate: Now your objects will correct shadows in real-time anywhere in the world using Shadow engine.
  • Section (Section): Tools section (Section) allows you to temporarily “cut” part of your project and “visible” on the inside. You can use this feature to create an image, the form of export-CAD programs using SketchUp Pro, or for a more complete view of the model you are currently working on it. Section Planes function allows to move, rotate and even animate project is created.
  • Scenes (Episode): We created Scenes (episode) to allow you to easily save precise views of your model, allowing it to return to later. There neohodimo in the creation of the animation? Just make a few such episodes, and press the button.
  • Look Around and Walk: In SketchUp, there is a set of simple navigation tools designed to give you the first person view. Click the camera to “be” anywhere in your model. Using the Look Around tool allows you to “turn his head.” The function runs allow you to explore your creation while “walking”, even down and up the stairs, ramps and other elements of the architecture as well as in video games.
  • Dimensions and Labels (Dimension and Mark up): You can use intuitive tools to add dimensions, annotations, and various notes on your model.
  • Instructor (Instructor): Instructor – is a dialog box where you can get help in the context of your work.
  • Layers and the Outliner: During the construction of large and complex models can be easily confused. SketchUp provides two easy ways to maintain control over the progress of work – Layers and Liners.
  • Google Earth: SketchUp and Google Earth are part of the same family of products that allows you to share information between them. Need a building site for your project? Importing measurable aerial photographs, including topography directly from Google Earth to SketchUp, by pressing one button. Want to see your SketchUp model in context in Google Earth? Just click another button. Anyone can use SketchUp to build models which then everyone will see in Google Earth.
  • Sandbox tools: Sandbox tools let you create, optimize and alter 3D terrain. You can create a smooth landscape of various contour lines, add bumps and valleys, creating a platform for building and road.
  • Warehouse web site 3D: 3D Warehouse site – large online repository of 3D models. Why build something when you can download it for free?
  • 3DS Import: You can import 3DS files directly into your SketchUp model. If there is a pattern in the 3DS format that you want to use, you only need to import, and then save.
  • Import images: With SketchUp, you can import image files in JPG, TIFF, PNG and PDF. You can use it alone or apply it to the surface to create photo-realistic models of buildings, package design, and more.
  • Export TIFF, JPEG and PNG: SketchUp lets you export raster images up to 10,000 pixels square, to produce images that are sent via e-mail, publish documents and other projects.

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