Skylum Luminar AI 1.5.2 9383 Full + Keygen

Skylum Luminar AI 1.5.2 9383

Skylum Luminar AI 1.5.2 9383 is the world’s first fully artificial intelligence based image editor. By automating the most common manual tasks and simplifying post-processing, Luminar AI is set to revolutionize the way we use computers to interact with our photography.

With Luminar AI, creating lifelike photos is easy and it’s surprisingly easy. Add realistic atmospheric effects with 3D depth – fog, mist, steam, drizzle – with Atmosphere AI.

Main Features:

  • AI atmosphere
    Add realistic atmospheric effects with 3D depth – fog, overcast, mist, steam, drizzle – with Atmosphere AI. Create a magical atmosphere without masks and layers.
  • AI Structure
    Increase detail in all the right places, but don’t overdo it. Recognizing people, water, sky and objects. Add depth and clarity to the scene only where you need it.
  • AI sky
    Change the sky in your photo in seconds and create a new atmosphere. It works well even with small details crossing your sky. Relight the entire photo so that the original image colors shift to match your new lighting and sky color.
  • Color Harmony
    Go beyond saturation and brightness. Gain complete control over color depth and enhance colors for balance. The perfect finishing touch.
  • supercontrast
    Adding details gives photos new depth. Fine-tune your tone with six controls that include highlights, midtones, and shadows.
  • Mood
    Bring colors to life with our Mood tool. Experiment with new color palettes that will change the style and emotion of your images.
  • Create great compositions from any angle
    Thanks to AI Composition, you will always get the perfect harvest. The smart engine combines the golden rules of composition with the experience of the world’s best photographers.
  • Make a magic touch. For people and portraits.
    Revolutionary AI works wonders on faces and bodies of all shapes, ages and colours.
  • body AI
    Lighten the body or gain weight if necessary for a realistic and stunning effect.
  • Iris AI
    Create expressive and captivating eyes with a natural glow that brings your face to life.
  • face AI
    Improve face naturally, improve lips, teeth; remove unwanted dark circles and more.
  • AI skin
    Removes blemishes instantly while preserving pores, texture & hair.
  • AI accent
    Get natural lighting and natural colors for every portrait with one “magic” slider.
  • AI Bokeh
    Simulate stunning background blur from a high-quality lens. Let the person in the photo stand out.
  • Yes. You are in complete control of the situation.
    Luminar AI lets you realize your creative vision as quickly as possible. Artificial intelligence takes over the tedious and routine work. But you can edit and customize every step of the way.
  • Your history doesn’t matter
    Let’s face it, traditional photo editing can be tedious and time consuming. Luminar AI is a result, not a process. It automates the most common editing tasks and simplifies complexity so you have more time to tell compelling stories.
  • Strong doesn’t mean complicated
    The true power of Luminar AI lies under the hood. Luminar AI is packed with incredible next-generation technology, giving you more options than any traditional editor.

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