SmartSound SonicFire Pro 6.5.4 Full + Crack

SmartSound SonicFire Pro 6.5.4 is possible to significantly speed up the editing and coloring period of production. You don’t have to cut your music. Just select the desired track from the extensive SmartSound collection and set the desired length, then Sonicfire® Pro will automatically create the appropriate version of the track (including intro, main section, and ending).

Main Features:

    For a video sequence to make the strongest impression, it must always match the audio sequence. Sonicfire® Pro has a unique feature that helps you find music that matches the sound and rhythm of your video perfectly. While the music is “asymmetrical” and reflects what’s happening on the screen, our innovative Time Adjustment feature allows you to move each bar in your music so that the rhythm and duration of the music remains the same. Like other SmartSound features, you don’t need any prior knowledge.
  • Adjust beats with perfect precision
    Apart from Sonicfire® Pro 6, no other software product in the world can match every bit of the desired result. A “synchronized bit” will automatically “stick” to the nearest clock starting at offset. This unique and patented feature ensures that harmonious sound always comes out.
  • Time delay benefits
    When working professionally with video sequences, storyline changes or other transitions should be highlighted, including with the help of musical accompaniment. Sonicfire® Pro 6’s Timing feature allows you to click the desired bit and drag it to the desired location in the recording. In this case, the beat will automatically “stick” to the start of the nearest count, preserving the musical structure of the sound.

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