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Smith Micro Poser Pro size 1.17 GB is a popular 3D-editor, which allows you to create a character that is very realistic, three-dimensional objects and details of three-dimensional scene to Web, video production, printed materials, etc. With a rich library of 3D content-ready for a variety of content and tools- great tools, Poser Pro saves time and resources for development

Key Features:
Poser Pro is the fastest tool for professional artists, which makes it possible to add a three-dimensional piece of pre-configured and fully textured or object to your project.

3D-ready content library:

  • In addition to user-friendly interface and flexible customization user environment Poser includes fully textured, human and animal figures, basic accessories such as hair, clothing, props and elements of the real world of three-dimensional scene, plus a blank for the human characters bodied different and ethnicity.
    Improved integration with professional environments
  • Implemented the added benefit of fast animation in Poser Pro with pre-established models in Autodesk 3D Max, Maya and Maxon’s CINEMA 4D.
  • Aimed at different production environments, Poser Pro offers professional integration of applications, as well as 64-bit rendering engine and support for the network.
    maximum flexibility
  • COLLADA data exchange standards, combined with content built specifically for Poser Pro, which significantly increases the diversity of over 30,000 3D models.
  • Poser Pro reduces the time to design and manufacturing, and provides access to thousands of pre-made models and textured.
    64-bit render engine
  • Users benefit from Poser Pro rendering and the ability, for example, background rendering, built on 64-bit machines, the incredible speed and quality!
    export HDRI
  • Poser Pro creates even more realistic images of high dynamic range image (HDRI), with the support of the image focused on the light and texture.
    Support for standard cards
  • Poser Pro allows you to add 3D details for each high-resolution grid with a conventional card.
    Hosting with PoserFusion
  • Be aware of additional benefits from use in Poser Pro with pre-created in Autodesk 3D Max, Maya, Maxon’s CINEMA 4D and NewTek Lightwave models.
    network rendering
  • Get the most out of your equipment and network rendering through large scenes using the network to make the queue.
    professional animation
  • Make realistic animation by combining several activities in the animation using layers. automatic key frames together.

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