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SoftMaker Office Professional 2016 rev 749.1202 with size 379 Mb is the office suite can replace Microsoft Office. The program includes all the necessary components, has a high level of start-up and operation, has a pretty and friendly interface. Package includes a powerful word processor, with all functions (TextMaker), spreadsheet (PlanMaker), the components to make a presentation (Presentation), the environment for running the script (BasicMaker) and functional e-mail client (eM Client).

All components are fully compatible with the format of Microsoft (like older DOC, XLS and PPT and the new DOCX, XLSX and PPTX).

Also, developers claim that their program is better than the other alternative is the office suite compatible with Microsoft Office formats. Pro-version contains a built-in dictionary and Berlitz new components eM Client, which is an e-mail client that is strong with lots of features for working with e-mail, contacts, tasks, and so on. N.

SoftMaker Presentations:

  • All types of formats
  • Transitions and animations
  • Design slides and color schemes
  • Charts, pictures, background
  • All notes and comments


  • Creating a PDF-file
  • Print directly from the application
  • Storing documents in OpenDocument format
  • Copying style sheets between documents using a special manager
  • Ability to organize data in tabular form
  • Words Count and other improvements


  • Creating a PDF-file
  • Print directly from the application
  • Several automatic features, such as, AutoSum and AutoProduct
  • QuickInfos – helped by the formula
  • D. More than 330 functions, and so on.

AutoShapes and text in all programs:

  • Smoothing for AutoShapes, text, graphics
  • soft shadow
  • Lighting
  • Mirroring
  • More opportunities Content
  • Blend to form
  • dialogue comfortable with a choice of ready-made

Another innovation in all programs:

  • Improved models to display the PDF (vector not raster)
  • Editing raster images (saturation, color balance, etc.).
  • Insert a PDF into editable documents (documents Hybrid)
  • When the use of the first sentence in the file name (TM + PM)
  • The icons on the toolbar inserts
  • Ability to assign a special character keyboard shortcut
  • Switching between documents using tabs (like in Opera, FireFox)


  • 65536 rows in the table
  • Improved processing speed
  • Selecting multiple sheets for formatting, etc.
  • Repeat command
  • External Link
  • Looking for some or all sheet
  • A list of search results
  • Search by special characters
  • Global Team “Do not show zero”
  • Updated the “Paste Special”
  • “Detective” (indicated by arrows in dependents)
  • Wizard Import / Export ASCII
  • Import / Export Wizard dBASE
  • In the upper left corner shows the size of the selected block
  • Copy and move a page to another document even
  • Auto fill cells
  • New command “last recorded file”, “file was last modified,” “Hyperlink”, “cell”
  • The choice of colors for the marker’s comments and protection
  • Position markers comment
  • Team “Merge / Split / Delete Cells” now in the context menu
  • Automatic correction of the wrong formula
  • * 3 * 4 instead 3E4
  • Toolbar: combo box for shaded element
  • Scroll mode (the sheet in manual mode)

Charts MapMaker:

  • Smoothing
  • Volume
  • a light source
  • Raster images and gradients displayed correctly in the long term
  • More opportunities Content

SoftMaker Presentations:

  • Transition DirectX
  • Animation DirectX
  • Sidebar
  • Insert text
  • Export to HTML
  • Format> Formatting
  • Insert> Image Gallery


  • Assistant import / export ASCII
  • Scroll mode (the sheet in manual mode)
  • Ability to open a .docx file
  • Browse multiple pages
  • New command to the toolbar table: “Row / Column Insert / Delete” (without dialogue)
  • shades Toolbar for tables and frames
  • More> Automated Transfer
  • The order of the fields, labels, a list of numbers
  • Changes in the field of bibliographic


  • Even faster than before
  • Flexible graphics editing with the new SoftMaker Office
  • Pivot tables and more math functions in the new version of PlanMaker
  • Preview documents and pictures before opening them
  • Charts can now be created in TextMaker and Presentations, too
  • Touchscreens, high-resolution monitors, and more
  • Huge worksheets in the new PlanMaker
  • Improved user interface in SoftMaker Office
  • The new SoftMaker Office has EPUB and enhanced PDF export
  • Extended toolbars in the new SoftMaker Office
  • The new TextMaker makes it easier to work on tables
  • Improved backup, including version management
  • Smart guides in the new version of Presentations
  • The new SoftMaker Office offers you a huge choice of first-class templates
  • SoftMaker Office 2016 has even better compatibility with Microsoft Office

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